Doctor Who: Top 10 Tom Baker (4th Doctor) Episodes


Tom Baker is 80 years old this week! Though he had other acting roles, he is best known for playing a Time Lord from Gallifrey. Tom Baker played the 4th Doctor on the British sci-fi television show Doctor Who. Baker replaced Jon Pertwee in 1974 and played the time traveling alien until Peter Davidson took on the role in 1981. No other Doctor has stayed with the show as long as Tom Baker, and, with his long scarf and floppy hat, he remains to this day the most recognizable of all of the Doctors. His Doctor had several companions , including the amazing Sarah Jane Smith, played by the legendary actress Elizabeth Sladen, Harry Sullivan, K-9, Leela and Romana I and Romana II. After two sons and failed marriage to Anna Wheatcroft Tom Baker married his co-star, Lalla Ward, who played Romana II in 1980. Unfortunately, due to work and conflicting personalities, the marriage ended after only 16 months. He is now happily married to Sue Jerrard-Baker. He returned for a few episodes over the years since he has passed the torch. To the delight of Whovians everywhere, he recently appeared in the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, The Day Of The Doctor, which aired in November. We wish Tom the best, and to celebrate we have compiled a top 10 List of the best Tom Baker episodes.


1)  Genesis Of The Daleks

GenesisOfTheDaleksThe Doctor and his companions, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan are sent to Skaro by the Time Lords to stop  Davros from creating the Daleks.

2) Ark In Space

TheArkInSpace The Doctor, Harry Sullivan and Sarah Jane Smith encounter a ship full of humans who are working to colonize space.

3) Pyramids Of Mars

pyramids-of-mars-doctorThe Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith face a powerful foe named Sutekh.

4) The Hand Of Fear

the hand of fear       The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith have their hands full in this episode when Eldrad needs a way home.

5) City Of Death

city of deathSomething is amiss with The Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris.

6) The Deadly Assassin

the deadly assassinThe Doctor returns to Gallifrey alone and must face the Master in this controversial episode.

7) The Brain Of Morbius

The Brain of Morbius
The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith visit the Sisterhood of Karn and encounter a Time Lord named Morbius who has survived execution.

8) The Invasion Of Time

the invasion of time
Leela and K-9 accompany the Doctor to Gallifrey to assume his role as President but he isn’t acting very much like himself since he seems to be helping the Vardens invade Gallifrey.

9) Logopolis

The Doctor and Adric encounter the Master on Earth, and then again on Logopolis. The entire universe is at stake and someone has been watching the Doctor.

10) Talons Of Weng-Chiang


The Doctor and Leela are on Earth investigating, mysterious deaths and mutilations and in doing so discover a magician, his dummy and much more in this Doctor Who/Sherlock style episode.

This list couldn’t have been harder to put together. Tom Baker had so many great episodes that I had to leave off of this list. He was a great Doctor and his fans will enjoy his work for generations. Happy Birthday Tom Baker !



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