Doctor Who: Would Donna Ever Come Back to Doctor Who?


Would Donna Noble ever come back to Doctor Who series as a companion or maybe a guest star appearance? We know it’s impossible because of the fact she is part Doctor and if she ever tries to remember any relationship with the Doctor, she would die. But, If Rose Tyler can be alive after the Bad Wolf experience, I’m pretty sure Donna Noble can pull something through. Donna is so far the most favorite companion to date.  She was quirky and just outright funny. Donna and The Doctor got a long so well. The best part was the fact there were no romance between them, but more of a comedic duo. Brother and sister than anything.  Just the way she always mocked 10th, made episodes more appealing and more entertaining. donna

Every time we watched Donna Noble in an episode, we couldn’t wait to hear what kind of craziness was going to come out of her mouth. Making her the funniest companion, a huge reasons I think she should come back to the show. Along, the way her and 10th got a long.  But they didn’t always agree on certain things. Donna was the type of person that wanted to see the good in everything, and personally believe that everyone should live. And try so much to get The Doctor to see the same, which didn’t work out that way.

Even though it’s highly impossible for Donna to return, for if she comes back her head will probably explode from all the knowledge, I would still like to see Doctor Donna come back. So, yes! Despite of other fans saying that is quite impossible for Donna to return. It’s Doctor Who, anything can happen; Donna can come back, not full-time but just here and there. We can have episode of her, hopefully actually leave London for once.Donna_Noble  I can see many lovely adventures for Donna Noble.  Donna and The Doctor and the Tardis.  Flying through space.  Arguing here and there.  Making fun of each other.  But, now I ask this.  Would Donna get along as well with the 12th Doctor as she did 10th?

They just seemed to have such a great connection.  Would 12th and Donna have that special bond?  I would like to think so. I would love to see them together.  It would just be fantastic!  I would of loved to of seen 11th and Donna together. But, then again I think their personalities would clash.  We still have no idea about 12th‘s personality, beside Steven Moffat himself. But we can all agree, that no matter what Doctor she is with that Donna will steal our hearts.

So, here’s to Donna Noble, the most memorable Doctor Who companions of all time. Love her or hate her, she knew how to keep The Doctor on his toes and made some of the most memorable episodes of Doctor Who the most funniest. We miss her wacky charm and her crazy family here at Geeked Out Nation. And hopefully, Mr. Moffat does bring back Donna for at least an episode or two with Peter Capaldi. Would you like Donna Nobel to return? And what others companions would you like to see comeback to the series? Let’s us know on the comments below. And like always stay tune for more Doctor Who articles by Whovians ( like myself) at Geeked Out Nation.

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