Dragon Ball Super “Body and Soul, Full Power Release! Goku and Vegeta!!” Review


The final fight is now underway! With all the last-minute build-up hopefully out of the way, now we can get down to the thick of what this tournament truly has to offer when the strongest clash. Last week’s episode delivered excellent fighting, and even better animation that fingers crossed we could look forward to this week as well. From just the look of the promo, wild theories out there that Vegeta could achieve Ultra Instinct might just be true, though we’ll see once that moment actually come for Vegeta to find his true strength.

Moving on from Vegeta’s fight, Goku vs. Jiren wasn’t exactly what you thought it might be. You know that Goku is still struggling to push himself after everything he has done up to this point, though when taking on Jiren he didn’t seem to be taking things as serious as you would have hoped. What may have helped to overlook that lack of power he put out at the start was the technique Goku applied this time around. I will say he caught me off guard a number of times throughout the tournament pull off techniques that no one would have expected of him in a pinch. Against Jiren it may have been smarter considering Jiren is more of a brute than a tactician. That is one thing to probably appreciate about Dragon Ball Super altogether. It’s not just about who can hit harder anymore. We are going back to basics when all it takes is someone thinking outside of the box to gain the upper hand over someone else.

Toppo taking on both Android 17 and Gohan somehow still remains scraping at the bottom when there’s nothing too significant to look forward to from this fight. We know Toppo might be reaching a higher power in a couple of episodes, and that might be worth anticipating, but until that moment comes this part is a bit lackluster. Android 17 has nothing else more to show, and Gohan speaks of his real power and it is nothing compared to greater powers we have seen up to this point. He has the brains in battle that others aside from the Androids don’t have, but it will take a miracle to impress with anything else he might have up his sleeve. I mean Super Saiyan is looking pretty good right about now.

Now while Goku and Vegeta vs. Jiren was only a taste of what this second round has to offer, it was good to see that this fight wasn’t going to go the way of these two constantly on the ropes. I think we can all wait a week longer for the real fight to begin, though there was of course one development we were awaiting more than the clash. The big thing here was understanding what power Vegeta was going to unlock. By the time the preview came out last week, we could already put together the pieces to what kind of power this is. It certainly was not going to be Ultra Instinct, and for that I hope I speak for most when I say that this is probably a good thing. We need Vegeta to find his own way, his own power that Goku hasn’t attained. It was moving to see him actually find that strength without the rage as well. He was purely motivated this time which made a big difference. Limit-Breaker Super Saiyan Blue is the perfect form for him as someone who can make a lower form look godly. It might not be Ultra Instinct, but at least Vegeta breaks through his shells without killing himself in the process.

As for Jiren, there’s not too much to say about him aside from the relief that they aren’t dragging out him acting like he doesn’t have to try when there are how many minutes left in the tournament.

Frieza’s fight wasn’t all too surprising in progression, and that is the way you like it. I think we all knew what was coming next between him and Dyspo. You can knock around Frieza at a time like this, but there are two things to keep in mind. One, Frieza hasn’t been in many battles throughout the tournament or taken on any significant damage. Two, for the challenge Frieza is still putting up he’s not even in Gold Form yet. This doesn’t mean that Frieza is a sure win so early into their fight, but it is sure as heck fun seeing one of them have the mouth and power to back it up.

You could definitely see the difference with a different animator, but I don’t think that should have the same impact that everyone said it would. It’s not always going to be about the quality, the effort matters as well and I think they sold it this episode. Especially when it came down to Goku and Vegeta pushing it to the limit. Dragon Ball Super “Body and Soul, Full Power Release! Goku and Vegeta!!” at the end of the day was satisfying for where we are at with time winding down. I only hope that the other two fights don’t suffer from Goku and Vegeta vs. Jiren needing t take the spotlight. They might need to focus down despite all of these fights going on at the same time.

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