Dragon Ball Super “Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members!!” Review


Each saga of Dragon Ball Super so far has been nothing short of awesome. Each pushing the limits of how crazy this universe can get when the most powerful forces clash be it vengeance, disgust, for a tournament. The Universe Survival Saga is still building up to the start of the tournament, but already I am loving the approach. It has been a good long while since we have dealt with the excitement of a tournament and that tops any villain of the arc. We are being treated to that feeling of what happens when its the fighting, technique and varying styles which matter most.

Aside from Tien, I don’t think I could have put together a better team to fight for Universe 7. I will admit that my favorite choice of them all is Buu. His match in the exhibition round was fun and reminds you of just how strong Buu can be when he gets serious. I mean I highly doubt anyone was prepared to see a Buu so dedicated that he turned thin in a matter of hours into training? Though he still comes with a challenge of his own. One was simply motivation, but we almost forgot something could happen so easily as him falling asleep and struggling to wake up. That you couldn’t have seen coming and the perfect fork to throw in the road at such a time cutting it close to when the tournament begins. This is not to say the situation wasn’t too convenient because unfortunately this could have been a big turning point for a character like him.

What comes next was even more of a fork in the road. It was inevitable that people would start questioning what the Tournament of Power really is. There’s just no way they could enter and not know by the time that the tournament begins. The way they went about this worked considering there was enough confusion caused by Buu falling asleep that conflicting details would arise. One of which I admit I overlooked quite easily due to the action. They handled this fast and made it to the point. Certain things you don’t want going on longer than they should and this was one of them.

Now this thing with Toppo I do have to say is dragging more than it should. Others have made progress here and there, but all there is here is talking and not too much that has gotten us anywhere too significant.

This episode is the first exploration into Universe 3 which was interesting for their approach. Each universe seems to have something about them that stands out from the rest, they choose to be a bit more conventional when it comes to making use of bodily modifications. Even for the bit of showing on their end that was more than anything we could have gotten interesting from Toppo’s universe so far.

Aside from dealing with Buu, the only other thing known about this episode beforehand was that Cabba would begin showing Caulifla how to achieve super saiyan. The way Cabba went about teaching her took me by surprise since it wasn’t the usual method of transforming. It really has been a while since someone got into that sensation of what it feels like to first transform. These characters are the ones you want to keep an eye out for because the excitement comes from what the familiar characters have done to prepare themselves for round two.

Dragon Ball Super “Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members!!” was all over the place, but covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Especially when it came to a certain someone who this team will turn to that can either bring them victory or doom depending on how they handle it. I certainly want to see how this twist comes into play when this is as bold as you can get.

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