Dragon Ball Super “For One’s Own Pride! Vegeta’s Challenge to Be The Strongest!!” Review


Two weeks without Dragon Ball Super is just one too many at such a crucial time in the tournament.

There have been many moments to look forward to during the Universe Survival Saga, but this right here is the start of one of the biggest. Particularly if you are a fan of Vegeta. If there has been one character to love most, it has been this guy who seems like he is finally getting his due in Dragon Ball Super. Putting up a fight against Beerus at just super saiyan 2, growing his family to also have much to lose, showing that his saiyan pride is something to admire, and proving that there are no limits when you’re properly motivated. This is the final fight we have been awaiting with only Universe 11 remaining. These guys are the real deal and should push our Universe 7 to new heights.

From the start of this episode I felt the excitement from the animation we were treated to once again since the last time Goku and Jiren clashed. Every close-up of the fighters left focused on some part of them that was flowing through the wind whether it was hair or clothing. The best episodes so far are always the ones where the animation isn’t flat. Its lively and able to give this action the energy you expect from these powerful forces clashing.

Now it wasn’t exactly Goku and Vegeta tag teaming rather than Vegeta versus Jiren. Pretty much what you wanted to see from this episode. While we didn’t get around to anything too outstanding from Vegeta, they at least address what it is that keeps pushing Vegeta past his limits. What you love about him is that he won’t reach the same form as Goku during a time, but the guy will still at a lower form find a way to achieve greater power. Of all the people you can pit him against, Jiren was just right for his views on fighters like Vegeta. He doesn’t respect Vegeta’s kind of pride or attitude. Someone looking down on him that way will draw the monster right out of him. That blast we saw him building up, the animation for that particular scene was the highlight of this episode for a reason. If there was a reason to astonish at the strength of saiyans, Vegeta gave them that reason to look in his direction. By the end of this episode I think we all know where this fight for Vegeta is leading to which makes next week’s a little more painful to wait for.

This was another fight I was looking forward to. Frieza versus Dyspo is one that can go either way, despite seeing in a previous episode where Dyspo seemed afraid of taking on Frieza. I wondered if that previous engagement would have influence on how they approach each other this time, though it seems this is a whole new fight between the two. I enjoyed what we have seen so far because they exude confidence in their own capabilities. They know the right buttons to push for the other and it is safe to say that we haven’t seen what these two are truly capable of. Frieza in particular who we know by now hasn’t fully taken advantage of what his gold form has to offer. To get a real fight out of Frieza, you need someone who can properly motivate him, or agitate him. Dyspo was the perfect foe to throw his way.

Gohan and Android 17 versus Toppo is the only fight that didn’t interest me as much as the other two. Mainly because I feel as though they have been hyping up Gohan to have nothing to show for it. Time and time again they put him in some scenario where he might go “full potential”, but you see him power up to think “Is that it?”. To question his power like that at this stage is a problem. Especially when I do feel as though Android 17 right now could put up a better fight and probably held back by fighting alongside Gohan. I this speaking too soon? Maybe, though only considering there is talk about Toppo somehow achieving a greater power in time. It could be to match Gohan, or maybe he and 17 manage to get one over on him. Either way, this is another fight where they should go for no less than satisfying viewers who want more out of a fan favorite.

My only disappointment is that for this final fight beginning, they spent too much of the episode trying to build-up suspense one last time. You would have assumed at this point that they were trying to cut through the fat and get straight to what we have all been waiting for. I mean we did go two weeks without Dragon Ball Super anticipating this point. You could possibly overlook this choice in timing for the fact that they also did attempt cutting through much of the distanced caused by too much talking on the sidelines. Honestly I do wish they would cut it down to maybe three minutes max that we should be taken out of the fight to hear what they should have to say. At least the shift in seating makes it less opportune for characters to speak out of boldness.

Dragon Ball Super “For One’s Own Pride! Vegeta’s Challenge to Be The Strongest!!” was good when the fighting started, but hopefully they are more aware moving forward that it only hurts the show when you reach a crucial point like this and they waste time talking. The people talking who should just be spectating has got to be dialed back. Beyond that, excellent fighting, and even better animation that fingers crossed carries over into next week as well.

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