Dragon Ball Super “Survive! The Tournament of Power Begins at Last!!” Review


After some weeks of set-up, like the titles says the Tournament of Power begins at last! I don’t think anything else could have gotten the Dragon Ball Super fanbase buzzing as much as what this tournament has in store. There are many fights we want to see happen, and favorite characters we want to see push to their upper limits and above. I can even see some things developing that might even challenge the integrity of this tournament. I’m seeing nothing but good things to look forward to as the Universe Survival Saga so far has been the full package.

Now before things begin, I do say I was cringing at the fact that we waited this long and they were still drawing out the tournament actually beginning. I mean of course the formalities is a must but everything else just seemed like it was there to hold suspense. I’ll give it to them that this is still worth the wait because up to this point Dragon Ball Super has been on point about pacing to have reached this point in the first place.

When the tournament began they kicked this thing off with a bang. With 80 fighters it was no surprise that this whole fight would immediately turn into chaos as everyone is out picking a fight with someone. It was cool to see how some of the other universes planned to take advantage of the rules. They all picked their fighters to win a certain way and they were quick to making powerplays whether too soon or not. One of the plans I will admit was pretty foolish when the person clearly wasn’t thinking long-term. There are many things you have to take into account when dealing with a battle royale and numbers matter. I was actually quite shocked when it came to some tag team combinations that came out of the blue between fighters who aren’t even on the same team. You expect this from those you are aligned with, but not those who you are also trying to take out. It shakes things up where you have to be smart about who is the greater threat on the field.

Universe 7 approached this predictably, though I think we all knew how things would go for them once the fighting started. You would have those who go off on their own for the thrill of the fight, while the smarter of the team stayed back to stick to the plan. Not going to lie it is better this way. If they all did follow Gohan’s plan, thy would be a big target or it just wouldn’t be that fun. But now there is an air of unpredictability as with everyone else who sprung into action. Goku as usual made me facepalm. I think we were all waiting for him to do something stupid and unfortunately that didn’t take too long. That isn’t to say that he isn’t the life of the party seeing as though you can only get the best out of this when you are in for the thrill of the fight. He, Vegeta and Freiza you know are all going to get themselves into the same trouble.

It was also cool to see early on what happens when you drop off of the ring. That was a big wonder when you wanted to really know if you would simply die off into the void or be saved before you’re gone and lost. The answer was pretty obvious, but you can never assume when it comes to Dragon Ball Super.

For a start to the tournament, Dragon Ball Super “Survive! The Tournament of Power Begins at Last!!” was satisfying as a taste of what’s to come. Nothing too significant happened here, but my guess is that they are planning for this to play out a while. So we shouldn’t expect too many eliminated at once or fight wrapped up too quick. Especially the ones we should be looking forward to. I hope they take their time and show us why Dragon Ball Super is a return to form and technique for this franchise.

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