Dragon Ball Super “The Fiercely Overwhelming Assault! Gohan’s Last Stand!!” Review


With everything that has happened up to this point, this week has a lot to make up for when it comes to the other battles. Mainly that which includes Gohan. I almost feel like a broken record now, but he has been the greatest disappointment of the Tournament of Power so far. “Potential Unleashed” must have a different meaning for him because we would have hoped he would have much more to offer than he has. With that said, this is an episode we need as one to focus down on what isn’t the main event.

What I was hoping for this week from Frieza was the point he would reach when it became time to get serious. Dyspo has been facing a Frieza who hasn’t been forced to go all out yet, and I find that to be a problem. Especially when Frieza is the only other fighter than Jiren who hasn’t seen too much action. Getting back to this battle, the fun was in Frieza overestimating his abilities, and underestimating Dyspo which kept him fired up. Even to go as far as to go back to the bad habit of attempting to talk his way to a victory catches you off guard. When Frieza finally decided to turn gold, I was also just a bit thrown off by the effect of it this time. It was like some grand entrance, though he did it twice before without the same glow or reaction. Maybe this is Frieza genuinely powering up, and for that it does add to the appeal of this fight truly beginning. Especially since this display of power pushed Dyspo to his limit as well.

While it took some time for Frieza versus Dyspo to reach that point where Gohan would join in, I’m just glad it actually happened at all in this episode. So much time had already passed and for the title of this episode it wasn’t living up to the hype for anyone who was looking forward to something special from Gohan. Not that I’m actually complaining since Gohan has impressed enough compared to the other Universe 7 fighters. Where I can give Gohan credit is that he makes use of that brain of his. He can’t pull off amazing feats of strength like others, though he knows how to think creatively and find the strengths in others.

Regardless of how the last episode ended, or how this one seems to hype up a focus on Gohan, there is no setting aside the main event that is a fully powered up Goku and Vegeta versus Jiren. It was exciting to see these two actually be able to put up an offense. Awesome that they are able to do this working together, despite not having a coordinated attack. Little time was wasted picking up the momentum and I’m glad that was not what suffered this week. There are two other critical fights going on, but this one can’t begin to fall flat when both Goku and Vegeta are really giving it their all. The big question here was how Jiren would respond to these two being able to push back. Clearly he was feeling them out like every other assault, so what came next was important.

Did Dragon Ball Super “The Fiercely Overwhelming Assault! Gohan’s Last Stand!!” meet expectations? I have to say it did! The events of this episode leading up to his involvement against Dyspo had me worried that this was going to be all hype and no show for Gohan. I’m glad that I was proven wrong, despite any other complaints I may have had about him throughout the tournament. Almost everyone with the exception of a few had something to show and that was also impressive at this stage. Wrapping up a fight like this was a good move with time almost up and next week making it seem a though Toppo is going to reveal his true power.

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