Face Off: All Stars “Snow Queens” Review


Each week Face Off: All Stars has pushed for something we would love, the contestants would love, and just things we just haven’t seen before. This weeks Face Off is no different and one you don’t want to miss because the theme is snow queens. Now of course your mind might quickly turn to Frozen’s Elsa, but I assure you there is more to it than that.

One thing that doesn’t get old is how the contestants are introduced into the next competition. As straightforward as this could be, they really try to keep things exciting for not only the viewers, but the contestants themselves. Even with seven remaining all-star teams you still want to make sure that they are going to each competition with the right motivation. Arriving at the lab to discover it transformed into a winter wonderland with real snow was creative for that very reason. Now I’m not the first person who would go diving into snow for a snowflake, but for them it looked fun doing so as choosing these unique snowflakes would inspire their beautiful snow queen characters.

With each competition we also look out for the twists that make them a bit more than your average competition. Last week’s “Monster High” theme came with a focus group doing the judging. This one came with a big one that really struck them in a challenging way. Some already just barely make it out with a finished character, so telling them they will have just two days to complete this elimination challenge? Yeah that is one way to light a fire under them that forces you to be on top of every process.

During the conceptual phase I enjoyed how reaching this point they are either taking precaution or taking a risk. Compared to the other themes it felt like snow queens allowed a little more freedom for the artists to think a little more outside the box than usual. Which also made sense for the two-day limit. Just having that snowflake kept things straightforward enough where it was their imagination more so which brought the character to life. It also helped that this time around there wasn’t much that we the viewers could go off of. As I’ve mentioned before, less can sometimes be more. Not knowing too much about what they mean for the character to look like keeps you engaged towards the anticipation of the final product.

I would say it is dealing with the sculpting where most of the problems seem to arise. Mot of the tension you feel from this challenge centered around the fear of what could go wrong here. At the start it was nice to take notice of how each team adapted the limited time into the way they approached this stage. They prioritized, they compartmentalized who handled what, and they limited time spent on each mold. It was shocking to see the team that won immunity taking such a risk to try a never-before-seen technique. Well not much of a risk considering they have immunity, but nonetheless shocking because they are pushing with momentum with each passing competition. As for the others, the bold conceptual risks they took I’m glad for the most part they were having fun with. Even the smallest moments matter when you want to see that not everything has to be a struggle. Now with that said, this doesn’t mean that we can’t see where some would find difficulty. I think this time around some of them did let seeing what others did affect their mindset. Sometimes you just have to be confident with what you have and see it through.

It was unfortunate seeing which team team was struggling throughout the challenge to find a concept that both represents their creative vision and fits the challenge. I was surprised to see that the issue was concept rather than time. These are two I root for because they have a lot of potential when they are clear on what it is they are trying to create.

Once on the reveal stage, the artists’ snow queens hold court in front of our series judges. Even seeing what some of the contestants had before the reveal, I was still blown away when their queens stepped onto the stage. Gage and Keaghlan, George and Cig, Emily and Tyler, Melissa and Rachael, majority of them really pulled through in the end. Now when the judges took a closer look, of course it was hard not to see the things that didn’t meet the criteria of the challenge or just made the character look off. For this challenge I did roll my eyes at a few critiques just because I personally loved them, but the judges are the experts. When it was said that one team would earn their first victory, I have to say I was thinking of a left field choice though who won really deserved it. For this week it hurt more than I could say to see the eliminated team walk out of the door. This wasn’t the team you would have thought a couple of weeks ago or even last week. Without a doubt it was emotional and rightfully so when the last team eliminated wasn’t quit cutting it.

It was another fun week of Face Off: All Stars, yet at the same time it was depressing. It’s always going to be when it comes down to elimination weeks, but at least week can say that the show is still giving you more than enough reason to stick around for the next competition when they put thought into what makes this a fun experience at the core.

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