Favorite Movies Of 2013


The New Year is more than a week away! And the staff at Geeked Out Nation has decided to give you guys some of our favorite movies we watch over the 2013 year. Now this is not a list about the best of the best is just our list of movies that we believe you guys will enjoy during your Holiday/New Year break. And let us know on the comments down below, of which was your favorite movies in 2013 !!

Nando Acosta:

Iron Man 3

iron_man_three_ver9_xlgHate it or love it Ironman 3 was possibly the best superhero movie of this year.  Yes, I might get a lot of heat for this but I did enjoy the movie.  Don’t get me wrong, at first I was disappointed   over the major plot line twist they decided to do with Ironman enemy.  But after sitting down and watching the other super hero movies that came along later in the year.  I have to say Ironman three was a very well done movie overall with or without that major plot twist.  Comic book nerds may be disgusted over that twist but normal moviegoers wouldn’t have known the difference and for that Ironman three is one of my favorite movies in 2013.  I do look forward in seeing Ironman 4 in the near future, which many of you already know as Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron. 

Bullet To The Head

Oright, you might be reading this and saying what the hell’s wrong with the dude?  You may be right! I’m a sucker for Stallone Movies. And the announcement of a standalone Stallone movie that wasn’t dealing with any expendable stuff, I wanted to check it out.  I think I even went on the opening weekend, either or the movie was quite enjoyable.  Yes there were some very cheesy lines, and yes there might’ve been some bad acting; but the purpose of the movie was to simply be an action movie. The movie seceded in doing that, not to mention that Stallone fans or any action fans will enjoy it too. It’s has this 90’s vibe of action movies that I couldn’t not hate it for one bit.  It was not worth the price of a movie ticket, but is definitely worth renting it and watching it at your home.

Alexander Robinson:

Pacific Rim

11173933_800Probably the most original film of 2013 is sadly one not many people saw or appreciate. If you are a fan of the kaiju genre (Godzilla, Gamera etc.) this is truly an amazing movie. It’s also a technical marvel in terms of bringing these giant monsters and robots to life. While it’s not very strong in terms of the human element “Pacific Rim” is something to appreciate in terms of originality in Hollywood and sure it might be dumb at points, but it’s hard to appreciate the level of fun that this movie delivers.


Yes it’s a Disney fairy tale, yes the characters break out into song, but is that something to stick your nose at because this formula has been done many times before? No; Frozen features beautiful animation, great songs and voice talents along with great humor and emotion. It also offers many surprises that separate it from the other classic Disney animated features that are feel like a breath of fresh air. The message also has a different twist and one that you wouldn’t normally see Disney deliver. Your heart truly has to be frozen to not enjoy this movie.

Darlene Bello:

The Grandmaster

For all you Kung Fu lovers out there, I highly recommend Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster. It silently made its way to theaters in the US, but luckily I had a friend stumble upon it. The movie is based off of the life of real life Wing Chun’s grandmaster Ip Man. For those of you unfamiliar with Ip Man, he is Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu master. Which they briefly mentioned at the end of the film. I’m not quite sure if this particular film is in part with the other 3 Ip Man films currently available on Netflix but I highly recommend those as well. The Grandmaster has beautiful cinematography as well as amazing Kung Fu choreography. The film depicts the life of Ip Man with brief flashbacks to his childhood training and quick montages of his school growing worldwide. In between them though, we learn of the struggles he went through with competition with other masters, the effects of the Second Sino-Japanese War, and the losses he experienced as he fell into poverty. There’s also the need to name an heir as a martial arts master for the southern region of China early on in the film. This sparks an interesting relationship with another Kung Fu master that lasts through the decades. The Grandmaster is a wonderfully made film that is a must see!

This is the End

The most hilarious film I have seen in a very long is definitely going to be my number 2 pick for favorite movie. I’m talking about This is the End! This has an all-star cast including but not limited to James Franco, Seth Rogan, Emma Watson, Jonah Hill, and Jay Baruchel. It contains some raunchy humor and plenty of self-deprecation to go around. Any movie an actor did poor acting in the past gets called out on which make this a very entertaining film. Everyone plays a fictional version of themselves which makes for some of the best acting I have seen out of these actors. Almost ever. James Franco throws a party at his L.A. home and many familiar and favorite stars appear. Suddenly, the apocalypse happens! Many die, in hilarious ways, and few survive. Those that do survive barricade themselves inside of Franco’s mansion and try to make it through the catastrophe. The world is falling apart right outside their door and there are also demons on the prowl. Unfortunately, not everyone gets along and there is a certain individual that everyone really doesn’t like. No one can be trusted. Including our Gryffindor heroine, Hermione. She will take your supplies and leave you! Good luck to everyone!

Dylan Mickanen:

Man of Steel

man-of-steel-online-freeComing into 2013, Man of Steel was my most anticipated movie of the whole year. Zack Snyder is one of my favorite directors in the business and I had always preferred the darker tone of DC movies than Marvel’s somewhat cartoony tone. When I say the movie, I waited in ling for 12 hours to get the best seats possible for the midnight IMAX showing and it did not disappoint. I went on to watch it multiple times in theaters and when the blu ray came out, I bought it day one and have seen it three times since. I absolutely adore Man of Steel, and I don’t understand all the hate. I thought Henry Cavill was a great Superman and Michael Shannon did a good job playing the villain with the quotable quirk that Nolan liked so much. (For example the “Heresy” and “I WILL FIND HIM” lines) Zack Snyder directed great fight sequences and David S. Goyer wrote some very thought provoking dilemmas. Hans Zimmer also killed it with the score. I loved Man of Steel, and the sequel is my most anticipated film of 2015.  I went into this movie not a Superman fan and this movie made me one.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the most energetic and funny movies I have ever seen. Leonardo DiCaprio puts on the performance of his life, 5 minutes into the movie I never saw Leo again and kist watching Jordan Belfort himself.  Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest directors of all time for a reason and this is a prime example. His added flair is just so enjoyable. I really appreciated how this film was willing to take risks and go “there”. Jonah Hill is also amazing and does a great accent. He also has the same effect as DiCaprio has 5 minutes in I forgot he was even Jonah Hill. When you look back on this movie, the fact it is based on a true story is nuts. I told my friend this who saw it with me that all the events actually happened and his draw dropped to the floor. Never all year have I had more fun watching a movie and when it ended I thought, “Aww it is over?” despite the 180 minute run time. The Wolf of Wall Street is currently my personal front runner for Best Picture and Best Director.

Philip Suson:

To The Wonder

MV5BMTAwNzk1NjM2ODZeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDE1MjQwMjk@._V1_SX640_SY720_To the Wonder is a film by auteur filmmaker Terrance Malick.  Ever since his critical success in ‘Tree of Life’ Malick is currently releasing movies at a fast rate.  This one shares a lot of his known motifs, it is told by voiceovers and uses a lot of natural lighting.  It is hard to talk about the story, as it is about a couple falling out of love and a priest having a crisis of faith.  There are beautiful performances from the four lead actors:  Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams, and Javiar Bardem. Although some may feel isolated by the lack of characters dialog, it adds depth to the acting of the actors as they have to emote through actions and facial expressions, not words.  Visually it is a near masterpiece (that title goes to ‘Tree of Life’).  Malick is a visual director and he shows it in this movie.  The is a serene feel through the movie, and it is beautiful to watch.  If you are a fan of visuals (not the CGI kind, actual visuals) you should definitely check this out.

Upstream Color

Upstream Color is as original an idea as one can get in hollywood now.  The film is written, directed, edited, shot, and stars Shane Carruth.  He is the indie sensation who gave the world the highly inventive, ultra low budget time-time traveling movie Primer in 2004.  This is his second movie, and in terms of quality, his best of the two.  It is the story of a man and woman, who have had similar traumatic experiences, meeting up and trying to figure out the details of what happened.  This movie highlights everything great about low-budget filmmaking today. The visuals are amazing, and the simple effects that are used in the movie work brilliantly.  The film deals with people who connect on a metaphysical level, and the movie deals a lot with mind control, and what effects it can have on people.  The dialog is sharp, and the directing is superb.  We feel bad for these characters, and by the end, want them to succeed.  Some may feel that the movie’s plot meanders, but all of this information is crucial as it leads to visual clues later on in the movie.  Shane Carruth is a genius when it comes to making movies, let’s hope he makes more.  You can check this and ‘To the Wonder’ out on Netflix Instant now.

Peter Williams:

This is the End

The easy decision would be to go for another epic superhero movie, but we all like a bit of variety don’t we? I thought about all of the films over the past year, and which ones I enjoyed the most. The answer being the funniest film of the year, This is The End. I have genuinely never laughed so much during a movie than I did with Seth Rogan’s latest success. Also starring the other half of Hollywood’s funniest bromance, James Franco, along with other popular faces of comedy such as Jonah Hill and Danny McBride, This is The End is a comedic interpretation on the Mayan’s famous end of the world prediction, and features cameos from Rihanna to The Backstreet Boys. It is honestly the funniest film of the year, and for me, the funniest film I’ve ever seen, and considering just last week I watched Anchorman 2, that’s saying something!

Man of Steel

It may seem like the obvious choice to some, it may also seem like a naïve choice to others, either way it is hard to ignore Zack Snyder’s blockbuster of the year as one of the top films of 2013. There was a lot of anticipation and excitement surrounding this film before its release, and I believe Snyder delivered the goods. Man of Steel is my favorite film of the year because it goes one step further than the other superhero movies of the year, such as Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World. The special effects are just that bit more impressive, the story is much more interesting with it being an origin story, and the hero himself is just much more exciting to watch in action. Who doesn’t love Superman? Man of Steel is a film of epic proportions, and I can’t wait to see the sequel, starring a certain Mr. Ben Affleck. Best film of 2013, without a shadow of a doubt!

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