Galavant Season 2 Finale Review


JOSHUA SASSE, TIMOTHY OMUNDSONIt’s all been leading up to this season finale for Galavant. They really stepped up their game with this second season exploring what this world has to offer beyond the borders of Valencia. Not only this but the character exploration which led to a number of interesting new characters along the way, and each carrying a song of their own which is different from what we are used to. There were so many moving pieces to this plot and they made it work with how everything came together for this war. The finale started strong with ‘Battle of the Three Armies’ as the Jester went back to something familiar as he hyped us up with a recap of everything up to this point.

The war against Valencia did not disappoint. The lead towards the war was a bit silly since it looked like it would just be a one-sided fight, but they turned it into something to anticipate since as the title of the first of two episodes emphasizes that this is a three-way fight between three armies. Luckily being the season finale they did not waste any time bringing these armies to a head. A satisfying action sequence from start to finish considering the kind of show this is. They didn’t water it down with comedy, so you could actually take in the choreography that went into it all. This was necessary as Madalena and Wormwood’s spell to control the zombie army created a threat which forced them to

Even with the war as that big moment we are looking forward to, character moments still manage to stand out through the finale. Everyone has had a stake in this war and it shows through how far they are willing to go for what they are fighting for. Something they made sure was established through that recap at the beginning. The highlight had to be Madalena betraying Gareth and is learning for the Dark Dark Evil Way. She seems doomed to doom her own relationships, so you saw her decisions coming from a mile away though there is entertainment in finally getting to see magic come into play from this show. Wormwood was that gateway into magic and he plays the role so well as an evil dabbler in the arts. On the flip side it was nice to see one more push for genuine growth from Gareth at the end. He’s a bad person, but you know there was always something about him that separates him from someone like Madalena. Especially when they took the time to get a little in-depth with how far Richard and Gareth went back in their friendship.

Isabella made a lot of progress from the first episode of this season. There was worry that she would end up as a damsel in distress, though she evolved into the hero we all knew she could be. It was a nice change to have a character like her who wasn’t completely under the influence of love for her actions. She simply just knows what is right and wrong which is a step up as well from the first season. The same can be said for King Richard as well. Through the second season he has come a long way with rediscovering himself and the person he would rather be than the failure he was before. We know he has been teased to be the one true king, so it was fun to be hit with all these moments which gave off different vibes about when his time would come. His motivation was silly of course, but it was the right kick in the pants to do something heroic.

DARREN EVANS, SOPHIE MCSHERAIt has to be Sid who manages to conveniently catch you off guard. Always the wildcard til the very end when it came to entering the fray with an army of his own.

With that said it was nice to see that we could get back to Vincenzo, and Gwynne. It was predictable that these two would find themselves caught in the middle of the chaos despite how far they tried to run from it all. Nonetheless fun that they weren’t just simply written off as a favorable couple. Overall the cast proved to work so well off of each other and that is what has consistently made Galavant an enjoying hour every Sunday night.

The one thing which should be pointed out about Galavant that they have managed to pull of with succession is the way in which the show is very aware of itself. Some look at this as a problem, but there was never a point where you felt like they forced it. It came naturally, and for that surely you would get a laugh out of how clever they are with the dialogue. And speaking of dialogue, it is hilarious how they handle swearing. You never see it coming and you know exactly who to expect it from.

Galavant season 2 finale gave us some happily ever afters, and some not so happy endings. After this finale ABC would be mad not to continue with a third season. Not with the way the finale left us as they seem to be assuring us that there will be more to follow. For this time of the year there is no better comedy to look forward to.

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A true laugh, witty, and action-packed as the war led you to believe it would be.

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