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After much hype about the Boy Meets World sequel it’s finally here and despite being aired on the new era Disney, it’s not bad. Boy Meets World may not have been a critical darling but for a certain age group, it’s one of the most important shows of their childhood. Girl Meets World aims to be that for this generation. That is the best part about it, and the worst part.

Girl Meets World follows Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley as she navigates through the same things her dad did in the first season of Boy Meets World. She’s growing up and that’s never easy. Tonight’s premiere is all about finding yourself. Riley and Maya have a strong friendship but like Cory and Shawn, they are total opposites. Riley is a good girl and Maya is the troublemaker. Tonight, Maya decides to take a stand against Cory’s homework assignments. Since Riley wants to be like Maya (cause she’s not sure of who she is) and takes up the cause against homework with Maya. What follows is a basic, yet cute, story about friendship and being true to yourself.

girl-meets-worldAfter the cold opening on the train, I was all but ready to turn the channel. The subway is full of creepers and people not talking to each other. No 13 year old is flirting with any other 13 year olds unless they all go to the same school. It was odd. After this though, the episode picked up.

It’s very hard to shake the nostalgia feeling while watching this because so much is reminiscent of it’s predecessor. Riley is exactly like Cory and Maya is exactly like Shawn. While some will see this as a major problem, it works. There’s been a significant amount time that’s passed between the end of Boy Meets World and the beginning of Girl Meets World. Times have changed, what kids do is different but the basic issues they deal with are the same. The beginning of having feelings for other boys is a constant, finding who you want to be in life is a constant, friendships are a constant, and dealing with overbearing parents is a constant. On a glance, it would appear that Girl Meets World is repackaging the same Boy Meets World episodes. To an extent they are but it’s the setting and how it will be handled that’s different.

The humor is plain silly and it’s all very “New Disney” but that’s the point. It’s not supposed to be our generation’s show. It’s the next generation’s show. For the kids watching this, it was probably very, very funny. Outside of the overbearing parent that Cory is (age check), not much is funny. Ferkel, the new Minkus, is just as annoying though. Is he a nerd? Is he a ladies’ man? It’s an odd characterization. Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter are good leads though. Compared to other Disney actresses, they have solid comedic timing. They have some talent and that is going to go a long way in keeping this show afloat. The Feeny cameo is really out of left field. Especially since it’s been widely reported that this is only appearance. It doesn’t really do a lot, even for the nostalgia factor. Having him visit Cory’s home or the school would have done more for the cameo.

Overall this was a solid start. It’s not the best pilot ever but it’s certainly not bad. It will be interesting to see what direction the show takes as the kids get older. The viewers will get older and just like Boy Meets World, the show will have to grow with it. If Girl Meets World goes past this season, what will senior year of high school look like? Will it be about relationships and college or will it stay as a silly Disney sitcom? Time will tell. But for now, the young, middle school adventures of Riley Matthews will suffice.

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Girl Meets World gets off to a decent start. It's not our show, it's the show for the next generation kids but it does capture the spirit of what Boy Meets World was.

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