Gotham “A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness” Review


GOTHAM: L-R: Robin Lord Taylor and guest star Cameron Monaghan in the “A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, March 8 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Barbara Nitke/FOX

Last week’s Gotham threw us straight back into the madness that is this city, but the anticipation for this week is that we would have barely scratched the surface. Many characters have begun to be moved into positions where they have been able to do what they are best at. And while that may be the case, there are plenty of characters that who we still have to catch up on since we last saw them. Namely one Penguin and Jerome.

It was fairly quick that this week we jump straight into Ivy’s plans for Gotham. She wastes little time making big moves for someone who only just recently woke up from her recent transformation. I was pretty surprised to see that she was targeting anyone that can give her information about this secret project of Wayne Enterprises. What shook things up here is how she has evolved into someone more aggressive towards the things she wants. Not to mention more punishing towards those who don’t respect plants. That is a big step forward from the naive girl in an adult body. That’s not to say she isn’t still that, but technically she is acting more like someone of her physical age. That aside, I must say that the effect of those she kills is pretty cool. Her ambition was stronger than ever when it started to become clear as to the lengths she was willing to go to save the plants.

I’m glad it didn’t take too long to get back to Penguin and whatever Jerome has been up to. For the sake of consistency it would have been odd to have Penguin gone so long without addressing his situation following his loss to Sofia. When the status quo changes, especially in a city like Gotham, it makes a big difference to see changes from every angle. Which includes within a place as maddening as Arkham Asylum. Now to see what Penguin has been up to is one thing, but to finally have him cross paths with Jerome was a treat. Both have their own brands of chaos, and that can only come to a clash. Jerome is the kind of villain who you would expect to jump from one grand plan to the next, but this time around it was much more shenanigans from him. Not a bad change keeping in mind that not everything has to be one big scheme. This was all a good build-up to a big way to change the game in Gotham. It’s never calm in Gotham, but expectation leads us to anticipate more from two who know how to make a scene.

GOTHAM: L-R: Ben McKenzie and David Mazouz in the “A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, March 8 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: David Giesbrecht/FOX

Now this thing with Gordon and his deal with Sofia was questionable. Not for the fact that it didn’t make sense, but the fact that it was too much of what we have seen before. This was an inevitable development between the two since Harvey pushed this idea that Gordon would regret his deal. Compared to other things going on in Gotham, this is where things can tend to get a bit lackluster. Which is saying something since I would usually say this about anything concerning Bruce. The redeeming part to Gordon was his reaction to everyone manipulated by Ivy. It’s safe to say that Gordon sucks at fitting in, so it was humorous that they could take a shot or two at his stiffness.

The involvement of Bruce in this episode made me cringe considering his current habits, though I suppose it was about time they got back to his relevance in all of this. Even if it is mostly out of convenience for the plot. They really stretched out his scenes in this episode, beyond what we needed to see from him. The nightmare he suffered alluded to some interesting things, but interesting was as far as it went.

Gotham “A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness” went to those dark places and had fun with it. The villains did not disappoint when given room to act with less regard than usual for consequences. The feeling is good when we now finally have the version of Ivy who has the power to fight for the plants rather than preach about them.

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