Gotham “A Dark Knight: Pieces of a Broken Mirror” Review


GOTHAM: L-R: Cory Michael Smith and Morena Baccarin in the “Pieces Of A Broken Mirror” spring premiere episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, Mar. 1 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX

While I have mentioned my displeasure of midseason breaks a few times before, it has never been more true in the case of Gotham. It is pretty crazy that this show could have been on break so much longer than all of the other comic book shows that were airing alongside this one during the fall. Nonetheless, the feeling is exciting to be able to jump back into this mess of a city and how they plan to move forward. The expectation is returning villains, another soft reboot of an established character *eyeroll*, and a new status quo of this city to explore.

Moving into this next chapter, I did wonder what the future would hold for Gordon. It’s safe to say that he was a bit all over the place until there was something concrete to take his attention. Gordon being called to a scene after the Toy Maker is hired to assassinate one of Gotham’s doctors was what we knew would be the core of the troubles this week. We also knew without much effort who this doctor was by process of elimination. That wasn’t too shocking, but it was exciting to have another villain who is able to keep everyone on their toes. Its one thing when you have a new psycho who is a little more direct in their actions, but the Toy Maker shakes things up as his presence takes us from one big explosion to the next. It was shocking to find out who was actually behind the attacks by the Toymaker. We normally come to these revelations under different circumstances, so it was nice for something different to happen. The introduction of one villain was teasing the return of another. Now that does make the use of Toymaker irrelevant as a plot device,

Lee Thompkins trying to begin rebuilding the Narrows has been a point of interest for how far her character has come to take on this role of leadership. She didn’t ask for it, but here it is and she is trying to make the best of this opportunity to help others in a way she hasn’t been able to before. Her approach to connecting with thee people is something to be admired. There’s no other character like her right now and it only sucks she had to be given some horrible storylines to get to this point. The big thing here was wondering how she could begin to change a place that is stuck in its ways. It will be a slow crawl on her end, though worthy of the world-building.

One of the bigger developments for me in the midseason finale of Gotham was how they seem to finally be willing to give us the version of Poison Ivy we have looked forward to. This of course is to say that they are still killing us that it is taking a change of three different actresses to get to this point, but better to do it than to half-**** it. Little time was wasted jumping into the birth of this new villainess. How they executed her creation was unique compared to others who have found themselves transformed into something more than human. The best thing here was seeing that the changes to her did not erase everything that she has been up to to this point. The neglect, lack of people taking her seriously, the abuse of her trust. All of that was leading to Ivy beginning to make her presence known. To whom was first on her list was chilling when we now know that they are going all in with what the Poison Ivy we are familiar with is capable of.

GOTHAM: L-R: Erin Richards, Jessica Lucas and Camren Bicondova in the “Pieces Of A Broken Mirror” spring premiere episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, Mar. 1 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX

With the Sirens, their parts were fairly small, but it was important to see where they stand with a new status quo in Gotham. No matter who falls, someone has to rise and fill in that void in power. They were up next and own their new roles. Of course this development with Selina makes their current status questionable, though all good things do come with uncertainty.

There was definitely more anticipation shown towards what came next for Alfred than Bruce. This version of Bruce is nothing I have been able to admire in the four seasons of this series. The only saving grace has really been Alfred. He’s badass and not the butler to mess with whether you are Bruce or someone who is not a friend of either. I really enjoyed where his adventures took him after leaving Bruce. With this being Gotham it wasn’t too hard to believe that he would end up running into some trouble, or a familiar face along the way. Alfred is a hero at heart and it was thrilling to see what they could do when he is simply able to do the right thing without playing babysitter. As for Bruce, was not too impressed by his development.

Gotham “A Dark Knight: Pieces of a Broken Mirror” threw us straight back into the madness that is this city. Whether it was the world above or below, there was something to look forward to. Aside from one cringeworthy character, everyone else so far they are handling better than they usually would. It feels good to see that many of them are put into positions where they are able to do what they are best at.

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