Gotham “Mad City: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster” Review


gotham-mad-city-_-beware-the-green-eyed-monster-2Gotham has been making a steady climb towards what it used to be at the start. While some things they’ve done this season have been great, most times you do wish they didn’t try so hard to change what was already working. Gordon back with the GCPD was good, Nygma being pushed away from Isabella and Penguin was good, important players of Gotham making power plays is even better. The hope was that from here we get back into the groove of what makes Gotham tick because they have to remember how long it had already taken viewers to get used to the direction this adaptation took.

Now before we get into what makes Gotham tick, first was getting to know what goes on within the mind of Mario. He unfortunately is one of those character who up to this point you had questioned the relevance of. It never felt as though there was any reason for him but to be the ignition to another love triangle. This has only somewhat changed up to this point. They made some progress first in bringing the Falcones back into Gotham. Second, now he is that new point of entry back into the madness that is Alice’s blood. These things may not give Mario the substance needed to actually care what happens to him ultimately, but for now there was simply a justification for him being around. That much you tried to take in even as there really was little substance to take from this guy who at the core was driven mad by jealousy. Not too much that you can get out of a pawn like him aside from the way he affects those around him.

Trouble just seems to find Gordon these days. Convenient right? But I believe most can appreciate him doing what he does best as a detective. Mario and Gordon simply butting heads before the wedding was an understatement. This clash between the two felt like something coming from the minute they first ran into each other. It was a twisted game that Gordon got sucked into that entertained given as per usual was one step behind every step of the way. Even in planning how to manipulate Gordon down to the very last reaction that would make him dig his own grave. Gordon can be painfully predictable half of the time, though it is nice when others are able to take advantage of this for better or for worse.

gotham-mad-city-_-beware-the-green-eyed-monster-3Bruce obviously at this stage is deadset on taking down the Court of Owls. While personally Bruce himself is a topic of little interest, the Court of Owls is. So despite how predictable his actions are, the mystery and danger of the Court is something you want to jump further into. With that said, Selina’s part in this was equally as appealing as these developments with the Court. You kind of had this idea of who she would have this unexpected encounter with when the title of this episode was found to be “Beware the Green-Eyed Monster”. But this time around they really managed to throw us a genuine twist. One that will finally give us some exploration to the enigma that is Selina. For some what comes next for Selina may be a tough pill to swallow given what liberties Gotham has already taken with most of these characters, but there’s nothing more you can ask from them than to grab you with what they cook up.

The one thing about Gotham which you wish there was more of again are big players in this city making power plays. Luckily Barbara fits the bill when seeing Nygma’s problem as her opportunity to seize power for herself. Barbara bringing Nygma information about Isabella was that opportunity. Well executed in her own way of course and an intriguing approach because again these actions challenge the part of her that is insane. Clearly not crazy enough to do what has to be done for her friends either. She has plans and this is what we need most from this show to remember what it used to be. What it can still be. As for Nygma himself, the confrontation we have been waiting for came and the execution was solid. Truthfully all that mattered was the wedge they created between these two forced or not. Where he goes next along with Barbara and friends is a plot not to overlook for the outcome.

Gotham “Mad City: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster” ties up some loose ends that needed to be concluded. Again some things that worked, some things that didn’t. Though all in all we are getting there, if only small steps we are eliminating those things which have distracted us from the true appeal of Gotham.

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