Gotham Winter Finale “Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies” Review


All hell has breaking lose and even then that feels like an understatement after what chaos Jerome has unleashed upon Gotham. In many ways Gotham this season has lived up to the name ‘Mad City’, but this right here is where you can’t get any more insane about the worst this city can go through.

The worst is exactly what this episode opened us up to. I mean you couldn’t have hoped for anything more than what they gave us here as we are reminded of Gotham’s biggest issues at the core. That is where this season of Gotham has been the strongest. Season 3 brought us inches closer to what most people love about Gotham. The psychopaths, the inhumanity by those who commit crimes, and the dangers every step of the way for those who get caught up in it all. Some things were hard to watch, but that is how it should be for better or for worse.

Jerome continued to bring back that unpredictable element we lost when Mad Hatter was imprisoned. Sure what he stirred up within the city made things lively, but it was his own actions which caught your attention most. It was fairly obvious that the first target on his mind had to be Bruce. It wasn’t just the smart move for the sake of progress, but it was the only way that someone like Bruce could still be relevant. Its nothing against Bruce, but they do struggle with making him a character you care for unless he is in actual danger. Alfred on many occasions including this episode outdoes him when things get dicey. Needless to say his defiantly reckless dialogue was cringeworthy, but it was another moment where you could see how well Jerome works off of others who challenge him. It was a chilling moment as this was the opportunity where we needed Bruce to show that there really was some metal to his brain. That there did not disappoint because they tried more than they ever have before to establish what we know makes Bruce Wayne who he is.

Looking through the action and chaos, there was some character development to take out of this. Bullock for one you took notice of as he really comes into his position as acting commissioner. Not something you are used to from the comics, but for the show this has been exciting for the rage this causes him tackling every responsibility shoved in his face.

This winter finale finally got down to the confrontation between Nygma and Penguin. As entertaining as some areas of this conflict have been, there needed to be something close to a conclusion where these two could get back to their roots. Something more familiar if I might say. This doesn’t mean that what they tried to accomplish didn’t have appeal. The side of Nygma which embraces the dark place he can go has been the best takeaway from this. Now with that said, Barbara and Tabitha are the two who rise to the top from this tension. The possible deadly consequences they did play up nicely, but there was only one clear choice for who we would lose. It wouldn’t be a finale of any sort without one that seemed major. Death has a different meaning for Gotham so you do anxiously await to see how this sticks if it does.

The big twist here definitely came from Gordon’s uncle Frank. They talk about the visit he pays Gordon, but that doesn’t happen. So it’s what leads up to that scene which you pay attention to.

Gotham “Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies” was as good as they come for winter finales. Solid set-up for whats still to come, and even better closure for things we need to move on from. Gotham will return Monday, April 24th which gives us plenty of time to reflect upon what doors have been open for the world of Gotham.

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