Grimm “Blood Magic” Review


GRIMM — “Blood Magic” Episode 610 — Pictured: Bitsie Tulloch as Eve — (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

From the name of the title of this episode of Grimm, “Blood Magic”, one can only assume that this is the episode where we may be jumping into the thick of this mystery behind what is coming for Eve and Nick through the glass. It seems that magic is the source for answers and honestly that is sometimes where Grimm thrives the most. Magic opens the doors to many things no one truly understands and curiosity is always stronger for it.

Increased fears from everyone right now is progress. That shows that this mystery or whatever is coming for them matters. Not only this but that it takes priority over everything else. For Munroe and Rosalee I was happy that despite their current situation they weren’t trying to create rifts in the story when there is something that is above any individual need ongoing. But for the sake of consistency it is Eve who carries most of this storyline and does so with vigor. I think she represents all of us who would damn the consequences to understand just what they are up against. Eve going to Adalind to get answers that only a Hexenbiest can provide was the next logical step. Adalind’s response felt natural considering there has to be hesitation towards jumping into the abyss. Though hesitation gets us nowhere and Eve makes the big move to thrust us into the impossible.

The case of the week for Grimm was a solid development. This was again one of those that you couldn’t quite figure out till details revealed themselves along the way. When the truth came out, I enjoyed this discovery for the strength of exploration through Wesen culture and the community. These are the things we need to learn about the inner-workings of their system and what is considered natural to them. What’s even better about all of this is that we had two different situations going on and by the end of the episode solving one helped in dealing with the other. Compared to previous cases I have to say that this is the one they have put the most thought into. There was depth to what was threatening as there wasn’t exactly a singular danger. There was also so much more emotional weight to the losses here. Most times you probably couldn’t care too much about the victims or who is involved, but this changed things.

GRIMM — “Blood Magic” Episode 610 — Pictured: (l-r) Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt — (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

As for the Wesen specifically involved, I will say that the effect wasn’t as strong as some of the others we have run into so far. The CGI was right in your face.

Capt. Renard confronting Nick about the mysterious symbols was an interesting way of shaking things up. If you are me then you were struggling to see the relevance in what Renard has to offer the main story. His own search for answers has done nothing more than confirm what we already know and fear. The best takeaway from Renard’s interest is that there is another person who is committed to seeking answers. More importantly it was nice to see some genuine motivations behind this commitment to the truth. Not too much comes of this, but it is a step in the right direction for Renard if he was someone to sleep on as of late.

Grimm “Blood Magic” is refreshing in my opinion. An engaging story that also could be treated as a learning experience. And best of all this was our entry point to something we’ve never seen before in the world of Grimm. Whatever is on the other side of the glass, this is what we tune-in to Grimm for.

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