Grimm “Breakfast in Bed” Review


These last two Wesen we ran into have been a step up from most we have run into in the past. One pushed the boundary in effects, while the other pushed the appeal one can carry embracing the role of villain. Grimm “Breakfast in Bed” surely enough leaves you anticipating what more they can and will throw at us. A good feeling again that we can still go back to more of the same while taking some big steps in progress towards uncovering secrets that could doom them all if not solved.

This episode’s Wesen of interest to some extent gave us something new. From the start of the episode we somehow knew what the creature was, though that was only by appearance and assumption of what it can do. It was refreshing that we could go through this knowing as much as anyone else. The ability to be taken off guard is always appreciated because sometimes you could see what was coming before it did. This shook things up where you couldn’t quite figure things out till it seemed they were ready to jump into the thick of this madness. The Elp provided a situation where simply knowing who and what they were dealing with wasn’t enough. Having to think outside the box was another approach we hadn’t seen much in quite some time. That is while ignoring that there were some characters who acted quite obvious that there was much more to them than you were seeing on the surface. Didn’t make the person any more clear to point out with that said.

How they dealt with the Elp was exciting in comparison to the previous episodes. We have seen some unconventional methods, yet thi one beats most so far. New is key in what they do and they are nailing at the moment. Visually the effect of the Elp was quality work. They definitely outdid themselves this time making it look intimidating. Even that one Wesen near the end was one that we might find hard to forget the sight of.

At the Spice Shop, Monroe, Rosalee and Eve investigating the origins of the symbols on the cloth does grab your attention more than anything else going on. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but that is what we need from this mystery behind the stick. For better or for worse that stick has importance to it which requires the time to explore. Six episodes in and we haven’t learned too much about it, but even something is better than nothing. The right questions are as well raised about how far is too far looking into understanding the stick. Can the truth be dangerous? Should it be hidden somewhere further out of reach? Just a few of many things that really get the wheels turning in your head.

Now things for Renard did pick up the way it should have after Nick and friends handed him his big defeat. We needed more fallout from the perspective of Renard’s alliance with Black Claw. That is what we finally got here which set up for something bigger to come his way. In fact this was a necessity to establish that Black Claw is still a problem that has to be dealt with. If Renard wasn’t going to be the big bad, then it only made sense that Black Claw wouldn’t waste the opportunity to make their presence known. Aside from this, the bit between Renard and Meizner did manage to have more relevance to it that should keep us inquiring whether this is all in his head or a supernatural occurrence.

Grimm “Breakfast in Bed” continues the trend of this last season trying to bring back the thrill of the chase. Whether it is the appeal of the Wesen or how Nick and friends capture them, nothing is the same as before. Above all we are seeing big developments in a plot that must keep moving forward.

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