Grimm “Where the Wild Things Were” Review


GRIMM — “Where The Wild Things Were” Episode 611 — Pictured: Bitsie Tulloch as Eve — (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

Grimm “Blood Magic” took big leaps. An entry point to something we’ve never seen before in the world of Grimm. Whatever is on the other side of the glass, this is what we tune-in to Grimm for. The stakes have been raised when Eve like anyone would have wanted takes the first step towards some legitimate answers, or trouble depending on your perspective. Aside from that we look forward to the usual.

Transitioning into this episode I do like how everyone is putting their foot forward in understanding what is really at stake right now. As I’ve mentioned before, up to this point there has been a lot of caution and hesitation about what to do next. With the exception of Eve they were pretty much waiting for the answers to fall on their lap which just isn’t the best move. Eve stepping through to the other side of the mirror was the icebreaker for priorities to set in. I wouldn’t say that all caution has to be thrown to the wind, but there has to be a time for action regardless of the consequence.

Eve embarks on a mission to take on the mysterious force she saw in the mirror is the highest point of this episode. Where we journey to with Eve brought about the right sense of danger to come out of her actions. While yes someone had to approach the danger before it could come to her, it doesn’t mean anyone could be prepared for what’s on the other side. Regardless, this is the biggest door to exploration that we have opened in the entirety of the Grimm series. Nick joining Eve does come into question with that said. The tension between them over her reckless actions was inevitable with this toss into unfamiliar territory drawing the line. I mean are there feelings developing for Eve? Is this simply Nick trying to be the action hero who thinks he has to save everyone? Who knows, though its having questions like this which has you invested in whatever came down the road. They get into a strong emotional moment of revelation which says a lot about where they are about feelings for one another. Things can change, but a lot of what was said needed to be spoken rather than assumed.

GRIMM — “Where The Wild Things Were” Episode 611 — Pictured: Blutbad — (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

Exploration also came into play here because of the struggle to understand what kind of world they have stepped into. Just putting a name to this demon was a step in the right direction. The Zerstoerer as you would imagine is something to fear. Not just for what it can do, but for the way it looks as well. This final chapter of Grimm has shown us some cool creatures, but the Zerstoerer takes the cake so far.

This uneasy alliance established with Capt. Renard was only a matter of time. This surge of relevancy for Renard doesn’t make him any more likable, but when you think of people who might know people he is a necessary evil to work with. Truthfully I thought he might just be a deadend thrown in for the sake of tension or inclusion. However I was glad to be proven wrong. It only took one conversation with this so-called friend for us to gain more clarity than we could have hoped for in any other area of this plot. Is the truth just a bit on the nose? Sure, but it doesn’t get any more supernatural than where this lands us by the end of the episode.

Grimm “Where the Wild Things Were” brings us exactly where we’re supposed to be. In fact, this plot brings us as a whole where we were always supposed to be given the mythology and myth unlocked throughout the series up till now. This confrontation is to be continued, but next week couldn’t come any sooner to see how this ends.

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