Happy! “White Sauce? Hot Sauce?” Review


HAPPY! — “White Sauce? Hot Sauce” Episode 105 — Pictured: Chris Meloni as Nick Sax — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Syfy)

Man did it sting to suffer a week without the madness and hilarity that this show has to offer each week so far. Last episode of Happy! was actually a mixed bag of emotions when you were rooting for everyone to find this Very Bad Santa, only to realize that the guy is more elusive than they gave him credit for as your average kidnapper. Finding and stopping this Very Bad Santa is easier said than done, so this is the time when you want to see who can truly step up to the plate when it matters most, and who will fall back to baser instincts.

Where Sax goes to next was a moment you were bracing for considering the relationship between Sax and Amanda isn’t the most stable, nor did it end very well. The confrontation between the two went exactly how you might think it would when two parents who haven’t seen each other finally find their moment. Amanda at this point begins to come into her own and you admire her strength compared to others in this cast. Losing Hailey brought out a fire in her that is not to be challenged. Having Sax to unleash that upon brought forth one of the most genuine conversations anyone has been able to have with someone else. Adding a touch of flashback to what they had in the past was welcomed too. How a serious moment turned into something violently entertaining, that was a development to appreciate as it can only happen in a show like this.

The only word that can come to mind is unfortunate, but that is what you’re left with when all is said and done between Sax and Amanda. It was easy to understand how the relationship of Sax and Happy would begin to fall apart. Normally one might enjoy the excitement of these two showing the best and worst of humanity, but this time around the boiling point hit you where it hurt the most. There had to be a limit to even an imaginary friend which they achieved very well. His existence is a joke, though you can’t say the same for his perspective of this cold world.

It was heartbreaking to see Sax and Happy make such progress and see only failure when they finally ended up right where they needed to be. The clock was running against them, and the Very Bad Santa just so happened to be the kind of psychopath who can do the math that it was time to get moving before he’s caught. Hailey and children now find themselves introduced to a far more terrifying prison than the boxes they were stuffed into before. When these kids reached their destination, it was easily understood that there was more to see than we were seeing on the surface. Not understanding this new situation was chilling for what they could and would have run into at this point. Who they actually did run into made this so much worse considering this guy has a few screws loose. Did not think they would find too much relevance for this character beyond small cringeworthy moments, but still fills you with connections as to his connection to the disappearance of these kids.

HAPPY! — “White Sauce? Hot Sauce” Episode 105 — Pictured: Bryce Lorenzo as Hailey Hansen — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Syfy)

I have to say that Blue as a villain is a delight. This is a guy who does not mince words when he addresses someone, and neither does he pull punches with what he will do to someone when its time to get his hands dirty. He embraces his role and that is when you get the best out of your villains.

Merry facing investigation by Internal Affairs was an interesting way of keeping her story fresh. This could turn into a whole cat and mouse thing, though that wouldn’t have been too appealing after a while. She had her own angle, but now that she and Sax have actually crossed paths, there’s a need for a new approach. Dealing with Internal Affairs kept this in perspective when Merry is coming to understand that there are darker forces working behind the scenes. The last thing a detective needs to deal with is what happens when they see something they shouldn’t. That is now Merry’s position, though it had the fun twist to it where she’s not the type of person to try intimidating.

When it comes to next week’s episode, I only hope that the one subplot actually goes somewhere involving Blue’s sister. It was funny at first, though until something concrete happens with that character, she is just going to fall into becoming a distraction.

Happy! “White Sauce? Hot Sauce?” strikes a good balance between a serious story and one that you don’t always have to take seriously. Some pieces are beginning to fall into place, while all it took was a few chance encounters to understand that this mystery is much bigger than anyone involved anticipated. I thought this would all be pretty straightforward and right now I’m glad I was wrong.

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