How Comic Books Inspired the Online Gaming Industry


Before the age of the Internet and smartphones, the means of entertainment were very different. There was TV, radio, video games (although not as graphically glorious as those available today), and most importantly- comic books!

Superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, etc. earned a massive fanbase in a short period after studios like Marvel and DC introduced them to the public. Even though there were TV series and even movies, the medium through which the fans connected to them (at least initially) was mainly through comic books.

Comic Books in Video Games

The artistic graphics and animation style that was particular to the comic books in the 30s-70s has inspired a number of gaming genres. A good example is Gearbox Software’s Borderlands. While it’s gameplay and shooter-mechanics are outstanding and greatly contributing towards its success, the unique comics-inspired graphics are also to be credited. Similarly, the 1991 Spider-Man game by Sega is another great example of a case study. Its artwork was heavily inspired by the comic books of the time. Even though the plot itself was somewhat loose, the game gave off the “comic book” vibes through the speech and thought bubbles of the characters, bold colors, chapter screens etc.

Inspiration for Online Casino Games

The domain of casino online is growing at an impressive rate. In fact, online gambling has become one of the biggest gaming industries today as the people look to find more ways to generate a second income or some serious cash at the very least. Even though there are all kinds of slots and poker games that you can play which are inspired by famous celebrities, movies, video games, the ones inspired by famous comic books are especially loved by superhero aficionados.

There are many good examples of online casino games that are inspired by comic books. For instance, Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin is a terrific slots game that will hit you with sweet nostalgia. A product of gambling giant Playtech, it derives a lot of inspiration from the 80s Spiderman Cartoons. It offers you 5 kinds of possibilities, all of which are based on the comic books including rivaling freebies, radioactive freebies, etc.

If you are more of a Batman guy, then you will love Batman & Catwoman Cash Slot. It brings the 70s Batman with the old logos and everything. There are familiar comic-book fonts, quality music, and an attractive interface which is as sharp as it’s user-friendly. Plus, there is Robin in there as a bonus too!

Both Marvel and DC realized that online casinos are going to become bigger and bigger, and since they are already milking billions from their popular superhero franchises in the form of movies, video games, comics, etc. they decided to launch their own superhero versions of online slots and other casino games. Thus, you can find a variety of Batman, Iron Man, Superman, and other popular superhero slots on the Internet today.

Summing it Up

For a large number of people, comic books were the gateway to the superhero community. Reading the popular Marvel/DC comics, we learned about the backstory of popular superheroes and even discovered new ones.

For many reasons including the art-style, sound effects, and bright color palette, comic books are also a perfect foundation for online casino games. In fact, if you haven’t played any comic book-inspired online casino game ever, you must try today itself!








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