How Social Gaming Has Changed The Smartphone Market.


You can’t help but have noticed that social and mobile games have begun to dominate the smartphone market. If we take the American market as an example, over 59% of citizens are reported to access social or mobile games on a regular basis, which translates into approximately 150 million players in the U.S. alone.  If we replicate this trend throughout similarly developed economies, you can begin to understand the size and potential value of the market.

How have these markets revolutionized the smartphone sector?

The growth and evolution of these markets have helped to revolutionize the smartphone market, especially since operating systems such as Android and the iOS began to develop more refined graphics. Here are some of the ways in which social and mobile gaming has influenced the market:

The Popularization of more diverse Tariffs

Historically, smartphone tariffs and contracts were dominated by talk mobile minutes and free SMS messaging. The proliferation of mobile gaming and the emergence of the popular Apple and Google Play stores have changed this, however, primarily by increasing the level of demand for increased data allowances. As a result of this, service providers now offer a far wider and more diverse range of packages to users, many of which are likely to included unlimited data allowance in a bid to entice new and retain existing customers.

The emergence of the Freemium Model

Social and mobile gaming mediums are bound by a freemium business model, which empowers players with tremendous flexibility in terms of when and how they spend their money. This has created innovative and more profitable methods of generating income, with in-game purchases particularly lucrative in the current market. This has had a huge impact on the mobile app industry, with the majority of developers across all genres now offering free to access tools which are tiered to include additional subscription features.

Social and Mobile Games are driving Smartphone Sales

Given the fact that mobile game developers generate billions of dollars annually with interesting and unique titles, it stands to reason that this market should be a key driver of smartphone sales in 2017. Which makes it no surprise that many sport betting games have started to become more frequently used on smartphones. This is certainly the case with Apple and Google which have invested heavily in augmenting their iOS and Android operating systems to improve processing speeds and the visual representation of graphics. Look for plenty of new features coming to mobile versions of websites including new graphics that would improve the playability of all mobile and social titles.

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