How to Win at Online Slots


Some gamblers who often play slots believe that there are ways to consistently outplay online casinos. Unfortunately, this is not actually true. You will never cheat a real casino. Moreover, you will lose most of the time. Despite that, there are methods that might increase your win rate.

Not a single strategy will allow you to win constantly because online casinos always have an advantage. Nevertheless, our tips can help you to slightly increase your chances for success. Read this article if you are willing to learn more about casino advantage and basic gambling strategies.

What is the casino advantage and how to deal with it?

Casino advantage (or house edge) is the term used to describe the advantage the online casino has over regular players in slots and table games. Every casino gets an advantage over the gamblers because the odds in games are stacked in its favor. Of course, you have some chances to win, but in the long run, casinos always win.

Casino advantage varies depending on the type of the game. Some games, such as roulette or poker, have a smaller house edge and therefore allow experienced gamblers to win more often. At the same time, in some slot machines, the house edge might reach up to 25%. Therefore, some slots offer a significantly less chance to win.

You should check the RTP before playing the game if you do not want to lose too much money. Some games are more profitable than others are, so we recommend you to read slot reviews. For instance, Lightning Link is one of those pokies with a great RTP — try it in the demo mode online for free and see for yourself:

Games with an element of skill, such as blackjack, work a little differently. Casinos get their advantage from optimal plays. Casinos use the so-called Basic Strategy, always making the most optimal plays. They cannot guarantee a high house edge. That is why some types of blackjack offer an amazing return to play rate around 99%, which makes it amazing for experienced players.

Besides blackjack, there are other table games where gamblers do not suffer too hard from the casino advantage. You can easily calculate the house edge yourself. Let us show you how it is done for the European roulette with 36 numbers.

If you place a bet on black, you will have an 18/37 chance to win. At the same time, the chances of losing are 19/37. Therefore, the expected value is 2.7%, which is what the casino advantage in this type or roulette. Yes, it is rather small, but in the long run, the house stays in profit.

Considering all the above, casino advantage, or house edge, is the average profit that the website makes from bets made over an extended period. Whatever game you are playing, remember about it to minimize the chance of losing all of your money.

The easiest gambling strategy

Do not lose your mind while gambling at online casinos. First of all, you should not start playing with the highest bets possible. At the same time, there is no point in making very low stakes. You have to find the perfect balance and increase or decrease bets depending on the situation. One of the workable betting strategies is called the Martingale System. Keep in mind that it is rather hard to understand and you cannot use it for every game. It does not offer a guaranteed way to win tons of money, but it will help you to minimize losses.  

One of the simplest Martingale-type strategies was developed for coin games with two outcomes, where each player has a 50% chance to win. According to it, the player has to double their bet after every loss in order to recover all the losses and receive a prize equal to the very first bet. This strategy can be applied to many other casino games, which makes it highly popular.


As you can see, you cannot always outperform casinos. Despite that, you can increase your winning rate by using different betting strategies. Understanding the basics of probability theory can also be useful. Do note that not a single strategy will make you win more often, but you can minimize the losses.

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