Humans Series 3 Episode 6 Review


Every passing week, Humans manages to break my heart. I don’t think there is a more real tv show out there representing real struggles and real world problems like this. The world of Humans is so engaging that you care about human perspective, you care about the synths, and you bare in mind that this is not the kind of story where you should hold your breath for happy endings. This episode was one to brace yourself for when for everything going right in the synth movement, the synths who don’t agree with this assumed peace are ready to take drastic measures for change.

The suspense was killer when Stanley was a breakout star in this series once it was discovered that he was more than just another orange-eyed synth. Since the message he received, this was the first time that he was actively showing that he had a conscious. Every nod or gesture was showing that he did in fact have reactions to what was going on around this family. The horror here was awaiting for when he would “kill everyone”. That could have meant killing the family, or killing everyone in the council when that time came. The teasing was painful, but set the right tone for what we should have been preparing for. The attack on Nora, the confrontation between Stanley and Nora, the guessing game that was Stanley’s intentions when figured out. If this was any other synth you wouldn’t feel this way, but Stanley is a big guy who you find difficult at the same time to look in the face and see someone who wants to hurt you. Till he does of course and the intimidation sets in. I loved the range that Dino put into this character, and I would hope that this isn’t the last that we see of him.

Another breakout character was Sam who continues breaking barriers for a synth awakened, yet is still learning how to be awakened in contrast to others. The way he interacts with everyone has been unique. Bringing out the parts of them that is now able to comprehend how synths do feel. Where he was mostly faking human characteristics before, now he has actually begun to actually reflect it.

For Mia and Laura, this stage in their movement was crushing. If there were ever a time to feel like the weight of the world was on your shoulders, they felt it with everything that could have gone wrong, and everything that was now known to go wrong. I felt the greatest sympathy for Laura specifically because she was put through the ringer this episode for the sake of addressing the problem that is human nature. That was her greatest enemy in the face of everything that she was fighting for. It was heartbreaking to reach that point where she lost everything for an inability to prove that she isn’t another hypocrite. The choice she was given you could say was hard, but it also wasn’t when she had the opportunity to change everything right in that moment of facing someone who needed to see hope for humanity.

While at one point I would call Niska my favorite character, I do have to say that her journey isn’t the most captivating just yet. Her story is a bit of a slow-crawl despite the action. Everything else going on around her is having the greatest impact on the world, but I can’t see where finding this one synth will change things. You pretty much are found for now believing that this is mostly just for her. Max on the other hand at least is dealing with what is going on right in front of him. His inability to understand the synths around him was his greatest challenge and downfall. There was no greater pill to swallow than the idea that someone with his kind of optimism could be brought so low by decisions made by those he was supposed to trust.

The world is forever changed through the course of just one episode. Humans series 3 episode 6 makes you guess again if you thought the worst was either the family or a council of stubborn people getting offed by Stanley. This season has impressed me with the pacing. A lot of things have happened in the span of six episodes, but all of it for the most part captivating. You love some characters for what they do, you hate some for what they do, but at the end of the day you can’t argue with why they do or think the way they do. Its like one big social experiment, and the thrill is indeed how no one is safe because of nature versus nurture.

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