Humans Series 3 Finale Episode 8 Review


Everything this series has been building up to this point where all would implode. Mattie facing the infiltration of her life that she probably should have seen coming, Niska finally coming face to face with the synth she’s been searching for, then you have Max and Leo facing the inevitable slaughter they would deal with when Agnes decided to declare war on humanity. That is a lot going on at the same time, and then there would still be more. Humans impresses me with how much they can handle and hold the strongest level of engagement.

From the Dryden Commission perspective, I lived the rising tension as this operation became more clear. It was jaw-dropping enough that they would go to such measures to eliminate the green-eyes and save face at the same time, but actually hearing the conversation was crushing. You could understand what Mia did last episode when she began to put the pieces together herself. Neha beginning to see how troublesome this is, as well as Neil, was a nice development tossed in where bits of humanity could at the very least begin to leak in as this operation was underway. What move that Laura tried to make here didn’t go as planned, but this has been a good turning point for the character regardless since she has found her drive again.

What we braced for this episode was what would happen for the synths on ground zero. Namely Max and Leo as well. They were facing outside threats and there was still the threat of those who followed Anatole from within. Honestly, my heart sank and it never left that spot once these synths began suffering phase open and beyond. You knew what was coming, but that didn’t stop you from feeling the way you did seeing all these things in the moment. The power failures, the attacks, the sacrifice, the way no one was safe in general. Knowing one major character would meet an end was not enough to ease you from the pain in knowing that just about anyone could go as well. Especially when the supporting cast has been so great as well. The scene before hitting that point of escalation was executed so well. It only took one bad decision for things to descend into chaos. But even then, this was all well executed where the synths could decide for themselves how they wanted this to play out.

Nothing more heartbreaking could come of this season than the death that came from a major character this episode. Again what you have to appreciate about British television is that they know how to pull the plug on characters and make it matter. This one weighed heavy, and it is because in some way it had to happen. You needed this death for there to be any chance to call for a victory despite all that has gone wrong in the past hour.

Niska’s journey was a bit questionable, but things only managed to get interesting for her once she reached her destination. This synth who looks like Odi catches you off guard because it is hard to shake off the image of what the synth looked like before. Who this actually turned out to be was more shocking than what you were seeing on the surface at first. It was good to see that certain things from the past were not forgotten. With that said, the choice she was given was pretty crazy. When you ask about the next step for synths, this made sense and Niska was the best synth to take in such a direction. I was pleased at the end of the day that her destination stood out more than what she had to do to get there.

This finale was almost perfect, but I do have to say that I was a bit thrown off by the writing for Sam. He seemed like more of an obstacle than anything else. One could probably argue that he has a bit too much child in him as a synth, but that doesn’t change the way he influenced the story at this stage. Mattie’s decisions you could also see as a bit troublesome, but for her at least they found a redeemable turnaround by the end of this series finale. Giving her more importance past what made her relevant before is a risky play, yet all the same what doors she will open do outweigh the fears.

The Humans series 3 finale was wonderful. Time and time again I will say that this is one of the best pieces of television out there with real emotion, drama, and addressing real problems. If there is a series 4, and I do hope there is, this finale changed the landscape in a big way. I’m not sure what will drive the story past this point either, but this world is also full of so much potential that you have confidence in whatever comes next.

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