Interview with Greg Pak


At the inaugural Special Edition: NYC, our editor Jess Camacho had the chance to talk to Greg Pak, writer of Action Comics, Batman Superman and the upcoming Storm. In this interview, he touches on all of these books and talks a bit about handling characters bigger than life.

Batman-Superman-1-p3Jess Camacho: I saw you at the Batman 75 panel and you were discussing Batman/Superman #12. You were saying that it was to take place on Earth 2. Could you go into that a little bit more?

Greg Pak: In our first story of Batman Superman, the first four issues, it was the story of our heroes here on Earth meeting their doubles on Earth 2. It was a lot of fun for us to do because our heroes on Earth, at that time, were young, meeting for the first time, figuring out what it meant to be heroes, and they hated each other’s guts. Meanwhile, the heroes on Earth 2 had been friends for years, you know, they’re older and had a totally different relationship. And so it was a great contrast for these guys who hate each other to see their doubles who are best friends. Lots of great conflicts and drama could ensue. That story ended sadly enough with the destruction of those heroes and Earth 2 when Darkseid comes, but our heroes on Earth never found out about that. They had their minds wiped. So this is our chance for our heroes on Earth to find out what happened and try to make it right.

JC: Later on, looking down the road, since there’s going to be this story where Batman and Superman meet their counterparts again, will there ever be a story where this world’s Batman and Superman run into the evil Superman wreaking havoc on Earth 2? 

GP: I’m sure in the fullness of time that that will happen, who knows, I can’t say exactly when and where. It seems like a story that would make sense to do. This  particular book is not that story. In this story they’re going back in time as well as crossing dimensions. They’re going to encounter these heroes before the arrival of Darkseid. 

JC: I’m personally very excited for the Storm series. Storm is one of my favorite X-Men ever. How much of her story is going storm-1-covto tie into what’s going on in Uncanny, All New X-Men and especially Wolverine & The X-Men since she’s on that team?

GP: For some of the stories, we’re going to do something Joss Whedon calls “dancing between the raindrops”. If everything ties in all the time with everything else it’s hard to tell a story. We’re going to do some stories where we’re going to just explore the adventures Storm is having on the side that are going to help define her character and set some really big things in motion for her. They aren’t necessarily tied into everything else. On the other hand, there are going to be moments where we definitely are going to tying into different things. For example, we’re going to explore what’s happening with Wolverine. It’s definitely, absolutely part of the ongoing Marvel universe and will be impacted and have an impact on those things. But we’re also making sure that we’re going to do right by each individual story we tell. If all you’re buying is the Storm book, you’re going to know exactly what’s going on, you’ll be in good shape. If you’re buying every thing as as well, it’ll all add to the value. 

JC: Ok so my last question will tie everything together. What is the overall experience you’ve had in handling characters that have a passionate, strong and large fanbase?

GP: It’s great. In order for me to write these characters, I have to love them. It’s always interesting, instructive and inspiring to me to talk to folks like yourself who love the characters as well. The interesting thing is that these characters have been around for decades and they’ve gone through multiple incarnations. They mean different things to different people. So I find it really interesting the way people love these characters for different reasons. They love different moments from the characters past and that’s very worthwhile for me to hear and to absorb. 

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