iZombie Season Finale “And He Shall Be a Good Man” Review


This season truly did feel like it came and went. With most other shows reaching their finales, it made sense that this season was reaching a climax sooner than we thought. Especially considering how the events of iZombie “You’ve Got to Hide Your Liv Away” played out. For the first time in a while, Liv is facing some genuine danger, and that which she pretty much brought on to herself when deciding to become the new Renegade. What comes from this finale is the anticipation that the landscape of this city changes in a big way for characters major and supporting.

As I said last week, we always wait for that one point where things get real for our main characters, and now is when that time has come for better or for worse. It took no time at all for the urgency to spike here when Liv’s problem was only the start of what had to be dealt with. There was Blaine’s plan that he got set into motion, and then there was also the “zombie situation” which has now escalated where it was always was going to. They made sure that everyone in one way or another had something to fight for here. For a show like iZombie, world-building is always key and I do think they have nailed it throughout the majority of this season. Everything matters whether zombie perspective, public perception, or how the world outside of Seattle views this crisis. Where Liv getting herself arrested changed everything, what she did after to even the playing field took things another step further where there was no turning away from the injustice as most did when the first Renegade was lost to the guillotine.

Liv’s situation on the other hand was different from other dangers she threw herself into. What she has experienced on her own said a lot about how Fillmore Graves evolved into the villains you knew they could be. From the minute they turned most of Seattle into zombies, they crossed that line of no return, and only strayed deeper into that zone. If their actions towards those who get into their way was not enough to make you cringe, it was the fact that they didn’t discriminate when it came to Liv which intensified their role. Chase Graves I enjoyed as the villain of this season in particular for the way they never attempted to make him sympathetic. I think many shows and stories in general fail the audience because they cave in to the idea that the bad guy needs to be understood. Chase was simply someone who had the best of intentions yet could never find the proper way to go about it. Giving in to what he takes personally, and all that clouds his judgement due to blinding rage.

The build-up to the execution was perfect because this was the time where anything goes. During these times we are always unsure of who will bite the dust next. When almost everyone is a zombie, there is no second chances beyond the decisions they make now. As that moment came, the execution was perfect for the fact that this was all leading to someone’s end. One of them was a long time coming, the other was just one more in a line of fallen loves. That second part didn’t shock me too much, but at the same time it was probably needed since Liv needed to again be reminded of what it means to put herself out there by means of affection and action. If you were looking for that rescue to change everything, it certainly did. Fillmore Graves will never be the same, and neither will the views of the way zombies are handled.

On Blaine’s end with his father, I wasn’t expecting to feel so engaged by the uphill battle they had to ensure zombies could survive within the walls and outside. Each of their approaches stayed true to their character and gave us two different possibilities where this escape plan could go. I mean Blaine is not someone who can see a plan through if he feels he’s endangered, but his father on the other end could go great lengths to see a job done.

What followed the rescue and escape was touching when the calm set in. This allowed some room to wrap up storylines that I do feel went on a bit long, but still worked for where they ended. Where this situation ended better than the seasons before is that Liv wasn’t going back to square one. That’s how it always felt every new season, that she would do something amazing, but go nowhere from there. This time around they added that spark called recognition which made all the difference since this is the first time where Liv could step outside of a door and someone know what she has accomplished. The other option would have been very disappointing.

iZombie “And He Shall Be a Good Man” is the strongest season yet of their series and this finale did indeed change everything. This started as a struggle to contain the zombie situation, then it became a fight to save the zombie population, then this evolved to change the landscape where the possibilities are endless now that zombies and humans can fight on the same side. Next season may be the last, but there is still o much more exploration to tackle through these latest changes to the world of iZombie.

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