Killjoys “O Mother, Where Art Thou?” Review


KILLJOYS — “O Mother, Where Art Thou?” Episode 407 — Pictured: Rob Stewart as Khlyen — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

Heroes rise, and heroes fall. I would say that is the phase we have reached in this war against The Lady. With the weight of the universe on their shoulders, everyone is finds themselves fighting for their own version of what that feels like. To fulfill a destiny, save a son, save your loved ones. At some point these desires were going to clash, and last week jumped into that series of events quite intensely. When no one is unaffected by the decisions of others, there’s a lot to look forward to.

With D’av and Jaq on the run, there was some emotional fallout to quickly jump into from Dutch and John. Their feelings were justified to an extent, and it was a tough pill to swallow seeing the team split up again. This time around of course the fault being their own for a lack of communication. That aside, Dutch and John’s hunt for the answer to Khlyen’s memory clue took the two on an exciting journey. This is that time where they have to expect the unexpected considering Khylen has had so much time to plan and figure out the things that are new and unusual to Dutch and John. I even felt a bit of panic with them when they were ill prepared for the possible dangers they would have to face without the full details in the situation they have put themselves in. Who they ran into upon arrival to their destination changed everything that you thought they were looking for. These guys were just as deadly as our assassin last week, and protecting probably the last person you would expect to run into in a place like this. The only question was why.

The answer to what brought Dutch here was a big one. The kind that could change the game in a big way, if not for the same cracks in this team which have not been fixed. Every step forward matters, but only if they are not becoming obstacles to themselves. With that said, the enemy was a great challenge to John in particular who for once was able to show that he can be formidable to an extent on his own, and with a little assistance.

KILLJOYS — “O Mother, Where Art Thou?” Episode 407 — Pictured: Thom Allison as Pree — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

This episode had an interesting start to it. Khylen is not a character you plan on seeing too much of these days. So it throws you for a loop when you see him now and can’t entirely tell at first if you are looking at a memory, or something genuinely going on in the present. Either way it was a huge bomb they dropped on our laps where we were finally introduced to Aneela’s mother. Not who you pictured she would be, and made sense of the memory itself that Khylen planted in Dutch’s head. When it all began to make sense, this was a story worth following for an understanding of where Dutch and John were going in contrast. Our understanding of this family as a whole was better understood through the purpose they tried to uphold through a war that nobody knew they were fighting till now.

On the other side, that just leaves Pree and Gared who at the very least provided some entertainment value to the episode through their invasion of the RAC. That’s of course not to say that they didn’t pretty much set up a horror-like atmosphere with the slaughterhouse that the ship was turned into. I don’t know what changed in the Hullen, but their lack of humanity was taken to new heights with every dismantled and maimed corpse the two walked by on their way to getting answers. Turin and his new Hullen ally, Weej, have been a treat themselves. I couldn’t help but love their difference in personality and how they could really fight over who could save the day best. Turin doesn’t love being ignored, but it helps to have someone who can disobey him and have the muscle to back it up. I never thought their side of this could be so engaging, but I do love tuning in to see what the regular guys can accomplish on their own.

Killjoys “O Mother, Where Art Thou?” is an episode that had an overall stronger story to it with less that pulled us in different directions in contrast to last week. A lot of progress was made on the end of Dutch and John, but it was the other characters who I thought shined through. Weej is a fun new character to invest in, Pree and Gerad are a badass couple and team, and there’s no limit to the fun you get out of Turin being challenged by those around him.

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