Killjoys Season 3 Finale “Wargasm” Review


KILLJOYS — “Wargasm” Episode 310 — Pictured: Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys III Productions Limited/Syfy)

I must say I lost track of time when it hit me that tonight’s episode of Killjoys was the season 3 finale. It felt like we had only just begun even though we have come a long way since that first episode of the season. Now while it hasn’t entirely felt like a war just yet, I will say that the recent move by Aneela and Delle may have been the opening for us to really get to that point. The biggest anticipation was hoping that the build up was worth everything leading to this final hour.

From the start of this episode they off the bat started to allow the finality of this war to set in. After everyone got through with their would be battle plans and their reckonings, it only made sense that we would at last begin to see the spark for the battle we waited for. The fun here is that no matter where this episode started us off at, things were clearly not going to go as Dutch and company wanted. I’m glad how subtle they were about Alvis’ death because that should have been the biggest sign that things were not right, and yet not enough red flags raised. You would have assumed a lot of this war would be predictable, though it has been anything but that. I’m not going to say I like to see the heroes fail, but you can’t maintain interest when things are that simple.

When the ball got rolling, the wait was worth it starting with the use of the ships. It surely wasn’t the big battle that you may have hoped for it to be, but that show of force was given importance when by all counts this should be the Hullen squashing the humans like they have been up to this point. Luckily the gunfight this developed into made up for where the space fight was lacking. Could have been for reasons surrounding budget, and if so I guess that is understandable.

I would say it was definitely the inevitable encounter between Aneela and Dutch that grabs your attention most. Not only was the meeting between the two going to be intense, but it was a good time to see if they could really pull off a fight scene involving the same person fighting herself. Annela’s actions leading into this finale and during the finale are the best from her we have seen. That isn’t to say that her Darth Vader moment some time ago wasn’t amazing, but that wasn’t her making an impact against Dutch. The fight itself was nothing too standout, but it got us somewhere you didn’t think we would find ourselves at the start of this season. Nonetheless where we needed to be when of course there had to be some battle bigger than the vendetta between Dutch and Aneela. There could have been more that we got from this turn of events, and I’ll assume that they must be confident that there will be another season to see this through.

KILLJOYS — “Wargasm” Episode 310 — Pictured: Hannah John-Kamen as Aneela — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys III Productions Limited/Syfy)

It did genuinely take till this episode for the emotions to set in, but they nailed the execution from those affected most by the unfolding war. Alvis was the first to bite the dust by the hands of the Hullen, and things could only become more real from there. Characters started looking towards the possibility of what if and while engaging it does make you wonder who else may or may not see it to the end of this. Taking Dutch off the board so early was probably the best move they could make at a time like this. As much as I do like Dutch as our main character, it goes without saying that everyone else has something to offer and just as much to lose that goes beyond the whole self-sacrificing heroics. Lets take Pree and Gared for example, I loved the way they teased these two together and it works when they are so different from one another. To the point that most of their exchanges are as humorous as they are sincere. At the end of the day I will agree that Pree is a breakout star as well.

By the end of this Killjoys season 3 finale “Wargasm”, it did come off a little too open-ended. As if they were trying to use a whole season for set-up rather than execution. Not to say we didn’t see plenty of payoff in the final hour, though you can also see where there are so many loose ends to be left with as we await a hopeful next season. With that said, this season finale was entertaining for what we got. There was action, emotion, and they luckily strayed far away from what you could have feared seeing a mile away.

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