Krypton “House of Zod” Review


KRYPTON — “House of Zod” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Ann Ogbomo as Alura, Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

After the events of last week, now I would really say that this feels like a fight for the future of Krypton. All the political corruption and pettiness was just that up till factions began taking drastic actions to either prevent knowledge of life outside of this planet, or fight against such existence that has now come to claim Krypton. It was also at a time like this where we could start to see how Kryptonians could become their own undoing.

This episode was the one I was awaiting since the start of Krypton. If you aren’t big on the Kryptonian lore like myself, then you look for something like this to clear up your understanding of this family. Just that initial scene made a lot of sense out of the way they carry themselves, and why the position Lyta finds herself in might not be so comfortable for them as a whole. This kind of family exploration I would say is the strongest so far. There wasn’t too much to learn about the House of El internally. The House of Vex where’s their intentions on their sleeve. However, there was always much more to the House of Zod that we weren’t seeing till now, and the execution of those scenes taking us through their past was perfect. If you ever wondered why General Zod ended up the way he does today, you can’t argue with the environment he grew up to. With that said, the position that Lyta has been thrown into was much-needed for her character development. The struggling bond she is now forging with her mom, the grasp of what Lyta means to Dev.

Now Jayna grappling with her torn loyalties was intense because it is only after getting to know the Zods that you can see why her heart is so cold. Nothing she does here entirely makes you love her, but they make it hard not to see things from her perspective. I wasn’t even expecting to learn half as much as I did about her and that went a long way.

On the other hand having Daron-Vex and Nyssa-Vex battle over how to take Krypton for their own was a point of interest. Particularly for the power struggle between them. At first it could have been assumed that they had a strong bond from the way they conceived plans together. I was delighted to see that this could only go so far one not treading on what the other wants. Something is stirring there and I would love to get to that point where one makes that fated powerplay that changes the status quo.

KRYPTON — “House of Zod” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Sonita Henry as Raika — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

With Seg’s attempted escape from Black Zero, I was glad that there was nothing predictable about how that would pan out. The chase didn’t go how I pictured it to which was great for the idea of believing how quick Seg can be on his feet. It was better even that where this took Seg opened some new doors to Krypton that aren’t seen on the surface, quite literally in fact. Regardless, I was a bit thrown off with the need to derail Seg to this extent. I suppose they want him to come back to a Kandor that is already endangered, but again they only have ten episodes to give this plot a beginning and end.

This was also a story we needed to get around to eventually since for all the stirrings of Black Zero, we needed to see if they were really the bad guys. We didn’t get too much of that this week, though the big reveal of their leader might give some hints towards what’s real about their goals.

Krypton “House of Zod” had all the character depth we could ask for right now. Jayna was one of the least likely that we would have expected to get to know so intimately, and they handled her story wonderfully. The House of Zod is cold, brutal, and the worst case of duty over emotion. The twist however at the end of the episode should shake up everything we thought we knew about this family. Again, right now is where this story truly begins to take form as a fight for the future.

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