Krypton “The Rankless Initiative” Review


KRYPTON — “The Rankless Initiative” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) Una Carroll as Vendor, Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

It really took some time for Krypton to grow on me. Honestly I didn’t know what to think after that first episode because there wasn’t enough to sell me on following these characters. I mean the Kryptonian exploration and inner-workings of their society was awesome to discover, but that was only half of what we needed to come back for more. I will say this, after the second episode I could agree with some that Krypton is already off to a better start than Gotham. I bring up Gotham because both shows try to capture a world before what we know of it present. Krypton is starting off better giving us myth over liberties.

This episode brings about a new sense of urgency from Sig and Strange now that there is little argument about the threat of Brainiac to Krypton. There was some entertainment to Strange’s attempts to prove that he wasn’t lying, but that clearly could only go so far when there were eight episodes to follow till the end of the season. Having the probe on hand then took them leaps forward in progress. The scene that we open on added to the appeal of the Kryptonian exploration when this was our first opportunity to begin taking our tour around the Fortress. Surely there are other instances where the Fortress is toured in the present comics, but not like this where there is someone who actually knows what’s there and how to best make use of these resources.

The threat of this Sentry was understood quite quickly as well. While there isn’t too much that this guy knows about Brainiac, I know how similar entities work who share the same need to collect. When you have that in mind, it is exciting to follow the way an alien like Brainiac finds the planets, studies them, and proceeds to take what he needs from it. The fear is stronger when you are aware of his coming and the clock ticking down. Strange’s efforts were fun despite how serious the situation is. Luckily when things got actually serious, they didn’t undercut it.

Small things mattered when understanding that every life mattered when you are scraping at the bottom. The perspective taken towards those who struggle to get by came with a strong emotional impact. Who the Sentry took over was the big challenge since being someone you care about makes it hard to make the right call.

KRYPTON — “The Rankless Initiative” Episode 103 — Pictured: Georgina Campbell as Lyta-Zod — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

Following Lyta through the Kryptonian military has been intense since her introduction. First it hit hard to understand that she was a Zod, but since that discovery she consistently began to show the tenacity that comes with being a part of that house. Some try to entertain the idea that she and Sig will have a future together. Maybe that could happen, but with a story like this anything goes honestly. Especially when you have a character like Lyta constantly poking the bear when she could easily be next for someone to challenge for a chance at leadership. Her need to bring about change to the way the military works makes you wary. This planet is not one that accepts changing the way things work or the way people live. Regardless, Lyta shakes things up where there is a character who embraces the idea of being the hero rather than being reluctant like mostly everyone else. When she took charge, she commanded it in the moment.

The only problem with this episode is that there are a lot of moving pieces currently and not enough time to fully flesh out some of these characters and their motivations. There were some points in the plot here where things weren’t resolved, particularly dealing with the military crackdown.

Krypton “The Rankless Initiative” was another solid episode for the series. Between this race to stop Brainiac before he can prioritize Krypton as his next target, and Lyta fighting to change the military, big moves were made across the board. Pacing definitely wasn’t an issue, though they definitely will need to compartmentalize what they need to stand out most. Particularly in terms of the problems this planet has within its society and corruption of the law.

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