LARP War Journal: 18th Annual Feast/Viking Weekend


This weekend had marked the last campout of the year for my group. At the same time this one is also the yearly feast as well which they have recently started hosting for a full weekend rather than just one night. Surprisingly this is the first time I have gone to a feast despite LARPing for about three and a half years now. Of all the things to do, this one for some reason never held my attention or any anticipation like it should have till this year.

Friday was the first day of the Feast weekend. They made this first night special by setting up a tavern and a Viking welcome party for everyone. You walked in there and it was decked out in Viking decorations all around. I helped set up a little bit before stepping away to do my own thing. When the party began, things started to pick up in entertainment. The party was also being used to do some set-up for an adventure involving Vikings, Fae, and Trolls. Figuring this out was a little too last-minute for me, so I opted out for just going as my usual Goblin self. The interactions were funny because they all looked at me with disgust as much as they did everyone else. Had my horn stolen here and there as well as being mocked. There was even a point where I was taken away to be interrogated about what the adventure was about. All in all fun on top of everyone simply getting themselves drunk and merry. There was a band as well who played this night going by the name Sekengard. They were very good for the kind of music they played. I admittedly was not all too prepared for what it meant to be that close to a band playing metal. An interesting time when you pretty much force yourself to just let the music sink in since it really is that hard to hear yourself talk. Not in a bad way of course. The theme was Viking for them as well which gave the tavern the right kind of atmosphere to match the setting.

The only thing I could have regretted from this weekend was if I really should have chosen camping outside over camping indoors like some of the others. This was one of those sites where they actually had cabins, and even upgraded all the furniture, though me being who I am struggling having to be in that kind of close space with little privacy. That Friday night was the struggle if you ask me. Like I said, when I first decided to go to this campout, the biggest question was if I wanted to try for sleeping in a cabin or roughing it in a tent. My decision filled me with regret that first night as I suffered the freezing climate. Not even the thickest blanket I brought out there could save me from the decision I made considering up in the mountains we are talking about things being a good ten degrees colder. Luckily that was only the first night.

Saturday was very fun throughout the day. There was supposed to be an actual adventure done during the day, but not enough people really showed up for that to be something worth putting the energy into. A lot of people came over the weekend, though that was mostly for the Feast than anything else. There was also a commoner’s tournament which took many of the people who showed up also. If people have the chance to fight for a higher ranking, they will surely take it. Especially when some of the expert fighters aren’t there to knock them off. For the rest of us it was a day spent mostly at the tavern doing all sorts of things to entertain ourselves, as well as drinking. We are notorious for horn playing, so the minute people got drunk enough it became time to pull out the instruments. It may have been the drinks, yet somehow that alone kept us going a good long while. Now evening came, and so did the Feast. For my first feast I did enjoy it for the food, though truthfully that was pretty much it. I didn’t hate it, but I also don’t put that much investment into being around people in that kind of capacity. Luckily the other guys in my country and those just in that circle of association were all on the same page about grabbing our food and head straight back to the tavern where we were closer to the drinks.

This was probably the first time also that I didn’t do Pit Fights, but that was only because I somehow just had one too many to go through with it. Sometimes I can still put up a fight, though this time around it just was not possible. Too much motion or getting hit in the wrong place would have probably spelled the end of it for me.

At the end of the day, this was a great way to spend my weekend. I did have one unfortunate incident at the very end before leaving, but that’s a story for another day or another channel. Everything outside of that was an experience that will hopefully push me to come out to the next year’s Feast weekend.

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