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This Sunday marked the second event of the year which is what solidifies the traction we have picked up from the first event. Wasn’t bad at all. Quite the opposite which was unexpected due to it being so wet outside. If I had to choose between it snowing or being wet from rain, I would take rain any day. This guy would rather fight through mud than risk frostbite from already poor circulation. That said, the attendance was also a big improvement. Maybe this was due to many countries needing to make country for the start of the new year, but it brought out a lot more than expected. Some old faces as well.

Normally land actions aren’t the thing I look forward to most. Though they have been growing on me as of late. The new rules and guidance is a big help towards its overall appeal since the overhaul. Truthfully the past two times we did land actions they were not all too successful. We either didn’t have the numbers or there wasn’t too much effort put into winning because we were playing with a mix of Goblins. It was fun regardless. Though nothing beats the feeling of winning. This was a good feeling for my country because we actually won all the encounters we ran into. The ancient nation of Elidor and the capital of Darkon, laid low by a handful of goblins and a couple of Drow. That is an accomplishment when the Goblins spend a majority of the time mocking the realm as only they can.

Now due to a few key NPCs not being able to make it to this event, the storyline didn’t make too much progress as it could have. Not a full halt, but it did keep me from going through with what I had planned for a side quest. Nonetheless the event scenario did pull the weight of what needed to be done. This event was a rezz battle on the streets of Tarimstadt. Many large buildings were marked off, creating a complex bridge scenario. Each building housed a chest which contains a magical artifact sought by the Shadow Queen. The gist of it was that you either fight for the darkness to claim the artifacts for the Shadow Queen, or you fought for the light to keep the artifacts out of the Shadow Queen under the banner of King Andrick. The fighting was fairly intense considering the obstacle that was the terrain. Both sides kept pushing back and forth, though ultimately the shadow warriors had been successful in ransacking the city.

I was very happy to see that countries like The Dark Legion were taking form in numbers. Always great when people are taking the initiative to do something new. It’s usually encouraged since you don’t only want people to play it safe in choosing to join groups already established. Too much hassle when you can create your own country, have more control over the game you play, and not feel as though you are forced to be around people who you don’t really click with enough.

Aside from this, the park we used this time was one of a number of new locations we picked up for this year. Despite how it looked because of the rain, I’m sure that one a dry day this would be one of our better spots having an open field. There was already the plus of an open parking lot as well. Was it a little out-of-the-way? Yes. Could we do for a park with a strong wooded scene for more complicated battles? Always. Regardless it is a step up from a few of the parks we do have in use currently.

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