LARP War Journal: Bellum Aeternus V – Vikings Vs Goblins! Pt.1


Bellum Aeternus V - Viking Vs GoblinThis past weekend was the 5th anniversary of Bellum Aeternus, Darkon’s premiere campout event. Featuring 4 days of battle, adventure and festivities. This was a very fun weekend between the Friday Adventure hosted by Chosen Blood, the Saturday Scenario Battles with many combatants involved, the Drauhaus Brauhaus Beer Garden both Friday and Saturday Nights, and spending some time at Merchant Row as well. And of course there was also the music, dancing and comedy entertainment throughout.

Being with Chosen Blood, the adventure we ran was Vikings Vs Goblins. It turned out better than any of us could have expected from it. Our aim for this adventure was something which anybody had the ability to excel at. This could be through your roleplay, the alliances you create, your ability to think outside the box to complete quests, or your capability to fend off against anyone and everyone who stands between you and completing your quest. The adventure itself was straightforward as can be. There are two factions (The Grundlefoot Goblin Clan and Bjeardson Viking House) and they offer quests/tasks to those interested in earning Adventure Points. The purpose here was to put the power in the hands of the player characters. It took some time to get the adrenaline running in the players, but once the got moving it was anything goes. I was a Goblin named Bumbletooth of the Grundlefoot Goblin Clan, was Toothsnaggle the night before but was murdered while introducing myself to the realm. Gave myself as a sorcerer the power to confuse and animate the dead. The head of the clan we call the Sage, another named Gitsome(funny roleplay moment to come to that), and the other escapes my mind at the moment.

What was fun about the adventure day was being able to see the kind of enjoyment Darkonians have from feeling their every move had a reaction and reward. The quests/tasks were half created, while majority were quests/tasks we all simply made up on the go. This went from something as simple as acquiring quest items to access the Forge of the Valkyries to saying kill this guy and call him a git. We even had a quest item that was a shield, told a country dressed up as Goblins to find the first player they see and shield-bash that player. Guess what they did? The Goblin we gave the shield to turns straight to his countryman next to him, and shield-bashes him! We Grundlefoot paused for a second, looked at each other, and simply said “Quest Complete!”. Some roleplayed so well that they actually played Goblins who were Mages/Scientists. Found a player in the woods, and this is the first time I had ever heard of someone killing another player and performing a dissection through magic. As the Goblin put it “I made the molecules scared of each other to pass through his chest”. Instant winner of anything when this guy does these things out of the blue. Him and his friend were hard to ignore for that. Particularly when we removed the idea that you forget how you died when you resurrect(whoops!).

One of our guys played a Goblin named Dakka Pirate MeigtyKillenz or Admiral Killenz. I really had to hand it to this friend, he did a great job of simply being ridiculous. His aim was to become Kommodore Killenz and nothing was stopping him. He even had the pleasure of getting his eye back which was unfortunately at the expense of me dying to lose mine. After everything he went through and all the chaos he caused, it was one human character who decided to give up her big pirate hat to him in order for him to rank up. The reaction was priceless, and even more so when the Valhallan was consistently sending both Vikings and Goblins alike to kill him for just about anything on him. The best roleplay I got out of this guy was definitely the fact that both of us missing an eye led to a bunch of people killing each other to give either of us another eye for a reward.

This brings me to the Valhallan(Afterlife God) and Otagard The Bard(Somewhat God as well). These two as NPCs were equally as ridiculous and hilarious for the quests they sent players on. At some point I’m sure I was hearing players being sent to get the Valhallan a glass of milk. Players had no problem dying and going to him just because we actually set up a keg for players to drink before resurrecting. You might ask yourself why, but there is no better motivation to do the things we asked of players than when you’re buzzed. The highlight of our day was when one player was given a quest to find a way to make Valhalla immune to BEES!!!. This whole conflict was about the fact that Vikings/humans could be stung by these bees, but Goblins could not. Now the trick here was that Valhalla itself is already immune to BEES!!!, so this player went to great lengths all day looking for a solution. Drove us all crazy despite the hilarity because he did not give up. By the end of the day he became the Viking Goblin King for those efforts funny enough. Of all things we introduced in the adventure, the best thing had to be the bees and the beehives. Those affected by BEES!!! had to scream as if being swarmed by bees. They ran in any single direction away from the beehive or rolled around on the ground for 30 seconds.

Overall this was a good change of pace for a Darkonian Adventure Day. Things went so well that we had the “Goblin Olympics”: Goblin Archery, Goblin Boat Race, Goblin Team Sprint. We had Goblin Capture the Flag, and Ragnarok Team Battle. And guess what? We barely got through most of these because majority were so deadset on completing their quests. Even when we had to close the adventure to set up Drauhaus Brauhaus, players were rushing us left and right trying to turn in for rewards. The one thing we realized that we had to do was make sure everyone was getting something out of this adventure which was the perfect motivation. Some got to keep quest items, the BEES!!!, we even gave away special bottles of brews. A lot of players walked away with something. And if it wasn’t physical, there was the chaos created by us rewarding players with buffs and powers out the wazoo. We made sure that no player felt underpowered, and being a new player didn’t matter either. We would be more inclined to give you a buff that might insta-kill a player who would normally beat you with ease. There were definitely a few who by the end of the adventure had so many abilities given to him that we ran out of rewards. No lie.

Some might thank the hosts for the fun shared with this adventure, but it really was all of Darkon, the crossgamers, and new players who made it what it is. You can’t pull off an adventure like this where anything goes unless players are willing to meet you half way. To go the distance to show you how in character they can get. Do something they normally wouldn’t, dress like someone completely new to themselves. Winning could still matter, but you could say everyone was trying to make the best of their experience. You always just need that foundation to work off of.

Below are the prizes we gave away later that night after we discussed who stood out.

Stay tuned for part two of what happened in this weekend’s Bellum Aeternus V!

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