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In all the time that I’ve played this game, I don’t think my country had ever taken the time to host a day adventure. Bellum sure, but nothing smaller than that was attempted till this past Sunday. I do believe it was pretty much spur of the moment when this happened too. One minute they are just trying to set a date for it, and the next day “Oh yeah, we’re hosting and doing Cabbage The Flag”. Fine by me of course since this gives more reason to make the Goblin thing more in your face.

The game itself is just as it sounds. Instead of capturing the other team’s flag you now have the twist of scoring by hitting their flag carrier with a cabbage. The idea of cabbage being used like this or to be able to do damage against other players made this worth it. I think many up to this point have had no idea what we were doing when throwing cabbage at other players. Now they see that it is pretty much just the Goblins ****ing with them. The rules at first did take some time to sink in for players, as did for me even. I think if there was any way to improve next time that they should actually post the rules and what not on the event page. Explaining everything no matter what will be tough when done on the day of. This isn’t to say the rules were difficult, though you never know how things will play out till you actually try it.

From the way the game played and the reaction afterwards, I do think this was a success. When everyone was on the same page about what they needed to do this turned into pure chaos. The only people you could find complaining are those who as usual love to stick jock without getting hit by a projectile. Can’t satisfy them of course, but who cares? Cabbage carriers were marking each other off, the wiser players circled their flag to protect every wave, and there was always someone to fight off. For me, I decided to be a cabbage carrier. Whether getting a killing blow or just trying to throw someone off guard it was fun to make things a little ridiculous. Even to go after a fellow Goblin. It was also a good time to try out my new horn which was bigger than the one I had before. Definitely got lost a few times in the fighting, but red was best this time around to see it from a distance.

The best thing about the game is that about halfway through you did have people asking who was winning and what not. Truthfully not many were keeping track of the score, but it didn’t matter at the same time. Enough were enjoying themselves that it didn’t make much of a difference to just keep fighting until you couldn’t any longer. In my opinion you are doing great if you can forget even for just a moment that there is a need to worry about winning or losing.

Up to Sunday everyone was really bracing for some heated weather. We’ve definitely hit that period where its hot enough that you’ll fall out if you aren’t properly hydrated. Surprisingly this wasn’t the case which I appreciated very much considering Cabbage The Flag is a game that requires a lot of moving around. It was cloudy and much to everyone’s shock it actually rained a bit. It was at that point maybe a few hours into the game when people realized that was probably a good point to stop. Which wasn’t bad since like I said no one was keeping track of points to know if there was a winner or loser.

A little bit of interaction never hurts to take from each event and I do say I feel like I got a fair amount. It was more so set in stone this event that my country and another one we tend to align ourselves with would try to form a closer union. Personally its something I would have been fine with at any point. Their side sometimes lack numbers, the same for us too. We click and would choose to fight together over most other countries. Should be awesome to see what happens when both sides really work together moving forward. That aside, got some gold for doing a quest. Started some shenanigans over a Goblin crown I made in declaration of nobility. Had a chat with another person who had an interesting concept for a campout adventure scenario. It sounded cool if the right people could join in to make it a reality.

Overall this was another successful event that for me showed again that adventures and fun in general are what you make of it. You just need someone to set the foundation and then you follow your heart from there. If anything that is one of the better qualities of this Goblin uprising within the realm.

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