LARP War Journal: Call it Squad Goals


This event was the 2018 Spring Tourney, where the more capable combatants stepped up for the chance to be Champions of the Crownlands. Also one of the few armorless/classless events of the year which should have meant a day where everyone could run light, but last-minute they decided everyone could gear up. Didn’t make too much of a difference since the main thing aside from the tournament was two team battles.

The anticipation this time was that we could have gotten more of our country out to field. More than the usual came out, but it was a good start to us figuring out where this year took us. Recapping our progress, this year was our push towards a cultist persona for our country. Started off as Drow characters, then gave Goblins a shot which was the sub-army, then we took the next step towards cultists who are the same army but existing further into the future where we are more fanatical. With this being the first event following Bellum Aeternus (the big event of the year), the right people showed up for us to be able to hold a conversation about what comes next. If we were getting back to something more militaristic, that meant that we needed to focus on more cohesiveness and doing things as a unit. That I didn’t mind at all because the formations we created back then worked like a charm. Would likely work better with so many other countries struggling to maintain their numbers as well.

Truthfully, I appreciated the initiative taken for us to give this another shot since. None of us participated in the tournament, so that left us with the two team battles that were ongoing throughout the event. The fighting was fun as a reminder of what I was missing for quite some time. I think that it was when our numbers dwindled and it was hard to make a showing to be formidable that I started shifting towards spellcasting more. Here we found ourselves getting back to basics between having shield in front, glaives/spearman over the shoulder, and the rest covering the flank. Despite the lack of practice we held our own while holding on to the principle that it is better if we all die next to each other than scattered.

What didn’t get old was the experience of what happens on armorless/classless days, which is getting shot in the dick. When you aren’t moving around with the same protection or state of mind that you need it, you find yourself very vulnerable to shots that you would not normally take.

I was expecting to stay out there a bit longer considering there was also supposed to be a senate meeting, though that also didn’t happen to be the case. These I have tried to show up to more often because many will have an opinion about changes to the game and yet never stand there to make their voices known or vote. Disappointing, but it’s not as if they didn’t move it to another date which should give others more time to get their proposals together.

Overall, it was a refreshing event that should hopefully spark more motivation that my country can step out there once again and make an impact. All it takes is a little direction and everybody being on the same page.

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