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This past Sunday was my realm’s Crown Wars. This would be the date chosen for the fight that would be waged for the title of King/Queen. For the three, going on four years that I have been LARPing I’m sure that I have only made it to one of these events. They are yearly, but I never felt that I was missing much. The other times I did have a valid reason for missing it, though this time around I actually chose to miss it despite this being the first event of the year I missed.

When it comes to the crown, I can never find a care for it or that circle of nobility in the realm. For other games this might be a big part of their system, but for mine it never felt too existent. Like they could have the war one Sunday, and by the next event you might already be asking who the King is and if it matters. Kings don’t affect your gameplay and it just seems like something you tell yourself to feel important. That is a problem, because me and the others playing Goblins spent a good portion of this year making fun of the King and the capitol. That is when the King was actually out there on the field. I mean we even spent a good amount of time during our Land Actions taking on the capitol with barely any resistance from the people who are supposed to defend it.

It’s as a fellow goblin told me one day as I was trying to parade around as King Twinkullz (for fun of course), if you have to tell them you’re a King, you’re probably not. Around the early times of the last King we had, somethings did happen. There was an attempt to tax mages and necromancers. One necromancer who provoked it lost his eye as payment, but that never really went anywhere other than that. Some will say that it has to be written in the rules for Kings to have that kind of power, though if that is the case, why do we have a King in the first place? Certain things shouldn’t have to be defined in the rules to be possible. For a King to matter, they have to actually look like they can do something. Not just wave around the status with peasants and followers to do everything for you.

As I’ve been telling people recently, it didn’t matter who won the war or the crown. There’s good fighting every event, and the same mass who show up now won’t be around two weeks later. By the next day event it will be like there wasn’t a crown war or is a King. As usual.

At the end of the day I do want to care or not if there’s a King. He or she should exist. If I’m playing my Drow character then I should be able to play off not acknowledging the king, if I’m playing my goblin then I should be able to play off of making a mockery of what he stands for. Something should be at stake to force me to side with or against the king. Not to mention if there is another Crown War it should be something provoked rather than be just another thing that happens every year. Make it special, or at least make it a weekend long adventure so that more can be taken from it than simply fighting. I think they lose even more people because they aren’t given a reason to invest in things like knighthood, nobility, or royalty. If like me, all of that barely exists outside of the people you already interact with.

This might not be a situation for every other LARP game out there, but I do feel as though it is for mine. A big conversation last week sprung from it and touched upon these same issues and much more. What I’m talking about here gets a little more direct as sometimes it is hard to get a word in about such topics without offending. I mean you know how it is if you’re not someone distinguished.

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