LARP War Journal: Crownlands Corn Maze III


There’s one event of the year that I try not to miss, and the Corn Maze adventure is one of them. Thanks to a deal with the farm that owns this corn maze, we get the last use of it at the end of their season. Pretty much free reigns to run through it, over it, and knock each other into it since it would all be gone soon after. It’s also a fun event because who doesn’t want to run through a maze and fight people?

This event I was also looking forward to because I finally had the few things I needed to put together my Goblin look fully. Got this cool Dryad robe from Epic Armory, and actual boots which I’ve procrastinated on getting since I first started LARPing. It may just be me, but I’ve always found the boots to be the most unnecessarily expensive part of your garb, particularly when you are looking for those who meet period requirement of medieval/fantasy. That aside, it felt better to step out there with that new piece of garb flying into the air as I dashed through the maze. Of course it was funny enough that those who noticed were questioning just how many robes I actually have. I have quite a few as I admit that I love spellcaster classes. Robes make you stand out in that role and to some extent can make you feel powerful when you’re in character.

The battle itself consisted of caravan battles with rolling rez points. All classes behave normally for the most part. The only classes who could traverse the corn, without a special boon, were the Rangers and Druids. To everyone else you considered the corn to be a permanent magical entangle effect. Personally for me I’ve always felt as though to keep things interesting you should make everyone forced to only walk on the path. Anyone with the advantage of hiding in the corn simply took away the fun in engagement unless you are them with that capability. Sure missile weapons and spells may be launched over corn walls, though to waste a spell on that person hiding took time away from other things.

I must admit that I definitely have to do some more running after the events of that day. My cardio killed me in the end despite the adrenaline keeping me going a majority of the time. I tried spellcasting for a good amount of time, though some of the battles were moving so fast that by the time I finished invoking the spell, everyone was out of range. So I then switched up my game to flanking and exploring. It was fun for the fact that no one is ever ready to be jumped out of nowhere, and from a path they didn’t think they would run into someone on. No getting the opportunity to engage in that kind of action was half the fun, the other half was actually getting through on the right set of paths to get to the enemy without getting lost. Boy did I get lost a lot.

Overall it was another fun adventure. It wasn’t perfect, it never is, though the experience is one that is unlike what the other events will provide you. Some people will be tough to satisfy, but never forget how much work a game puts into satisfying you that they will make something like this possible. Next year it looks like they are going for a full weekend of maze adventure, so hopefully that will be a year where the host can go all out. Especially if the Gobbo and monsters can get their hands on that weekend.

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