LARP War Journal: Crownlands Spring Tourney


Credit to Eleonora Heartfilia

This was one heck of an event for someone like me. Well first I should say that it pained me that this was another event scheduled on a day where most players would be celebrating Mother’s Day. That can’t be helped, but it was what it was. Enough players came out that there was some satisfying action to take part in.

For the day the main attraction was the spring tourney. Only as big as it is because it is a tournament where anyone and everyone can participate rather than the players who think they’re important. There were different categories for this one, but I decided I was just going to give daggers a shot for the heck of it. I messed up for the fact that there were other scenario battles going on outside of the tournament, ones where you normally would use as a warm-up before you were up to fight. I got way too into those scenario battles and by the time it was daggers, there was little to nothing left of me to give it my all. Won one round, then the other was a loss unfortunately. Could barely put enough energy into a thrust if I needed one. They ran a bit longer than I thought they would, yet I will give them credit that they could stick to their word that the tournament and scenario battles would be easy to cross between without throwing either off.

As if the sun wasn’t murder enough, the scenario battles were straight rezz battles from start to finish. I mean if you were looking for your fill of fights, you sure go it if you muscled through the heat. Luckily his event is Armorless/ Classless as are all tournament days. So only the crazy people would dare to still show up wearing any metal. The first scenario battles was a three-way team clash. Each rezz pole had different colors and once you died you would switch over to the next pole to rezz from instead of the one you last spawned from. It kept all three teams shuffled enough that the only way you could be fighting with allies were if your side was killing majority of the other players. It did get ridiculous at a point just because one team practically killed the other teams until they integrated into their own to outnumber anyone else. Not to say it wasn’t fun as at a point people had to constantly call their colors just to make sure they knew who they were fighting. This fight produced the first show by an arrow I’ve taken below the belt in a good while. I remember fighting someone and suddenly BOOM, I hear a sorry in the distance as I slowly crawl to the ground hugging myself as the sensation was almost as if my body reabsorbed a no-no. I’ve taken hits there before, but this one put me down for the count.

From there, the second battle split the three teams into two teams, removed a spawn point, and turned that into a capture point in the middle of the field. This one was more fun for me considering there were fewer enemies to have to watch my back against. Which created the opportunity to simply mess with the other team. Still a Goblin, so with two daggers in hand I did everything in my power to be a bother at the expense of practically killing myself moving way more than I should. Probably almost came to puking numerous times before I had to forcefully sit myself out. Nothing pushes you to your limit like forcing someone to chase you around the boundary of the battle while running in reverse mocking the person.

My favorite part of this event had to be the archery part of the tournament. This consisted of the archers firing off at moving targets. One of them just so happened to be me as a Goblin, chasing another girl who was roleplaying as a bunny, and behind us a bard who they could try to hit for extra points. First time actually giving myself to the reign of arrows that fight so hard against every other event. Funny enough they I think were aiming for me more than the bunny because their choice was to shoot me to help her escape, or hit her so I can turn her into bunny stew.

I would say right now this is probably the second or third, likely third senate meeting that I’ve taken part in this year. I made a promise to myself that no matter what I would try to sit through these to make sure I was aware of all the things they try to propose and change about the game. Like some others I did struggle sitting through the whole thing. This one more than others as by the time senate began I was already hurting and getting over the feeling of over-running myself.

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