LARP War Journal: Darkon Corn Maze Adventure II: Revenge of Pigs & Sheep!


corn-maze-adventure-ii-revenge-of-pigs-sheep-3When it comes to playing Darkon, some of the best days are when they do the more far out games. One of my favorites of those hosted is the Pigs & Sheep game. One of my fondest memories of a campout weekend doing this, so I along with a number of others were excited for the opportunity to do this again. That time I was very fresh to the game at a low-level. That alone made this a whole different kind of experience to be able to jump back into it being capable of doing so much more. And of course this is just talking about Pigs & Sheep. This year they’ve outdone themselves shaking things up by combining this and the Corn Maze battle which is as well a big favorite.

First off I was happy they fixed what made Corn Maze a somewhat broken game last year. There was this thing between Rangers and Druids where they could hide in the cornstalks untouchable yet able to jump out at any moment to attack you. I do believe they were able to attack from within it as well. That there was not very fun when you were on the receiving end and had to watch your back at every turn. Was pretty sure some almost never left the cornstalks which made it next to impossible to pull anything off. How they fixed it this time around was fair. Of course you wish that anyone could have the ability to pass through them, though that could easily turn into a ****show. For this corn maze game things were a lot more enjoyable playing a game where you couldn’t have that kind of advantage over others. It felt like everyone was playing on the same level. That is when you get the best out of those who have no choice other than to fight or hit the track.

For me personally this was possibly more fun than most for the fact that I went as my Goblin character, Twinkle Toez. The only thing which could have soured the experience for me was that the minute I popped open my car trunk, guess what wasn’t in there? Any of my Mage spellballs or even my spell bag. Completely disappointed in myself when the best part of messing with other players comes from the spells that take them out of a fight. Though being a Goblin I was able to quickly resolve that for myself given that I still brought other things exciting to test out. Sponges that I called cheese to confuse people, a rose to pretend I was dead, and the power of improvisation. Now with that said, doing my Gobbo thing was easier said than done. By the end of the day I had myself saying “Who needs to do more running? This guy right here”. Finding my way around this time was no joke either. The last time I could remember myself getting lost maybe once or twice. This time around? Way too many times to count. Not a bad thing either. Made everyone really think about where they were going and how they kept track of those around them.

corn-maze-adventure-ii-revenge-of-pigs-sheep-2I would say I only caught maybe one sheep, though that was satisfying enough as I did more to help by protecting them. The first half of the game the rules had the team I was put on collecting the sheep, and the other team collecting the pigs. And you could only touch the ones you needed to score while also carrying them with nothing in your hands. A tough feat, but again I wasn’t too attached to keeping a weapon on hand. Though this didn’t somehow stop of number of others from managing to put a weapon in my hands when the unavoidable fights came around.

Hard to say myself if there was anything to improve about the game itself rather than trying to cut down on too much running to respawn and what not. Kind of felt bad for the other team having to run uphill all day. This and it could improve the experience overall with a few more Elders circulating just to make sure rules were enforced throughout. Unfair fights can ruin the fun for something like this.

Overall I would say that this was worth the hype. This event was satisfying to those who wanted to play Pigs & Sheep again, and it was satisfying to those who got more out of the corn maze this time around. Next time I hopefully am better prepared to be able to do all I am capable of. Not to say creating that friendly roleplaying atmosphere wasn’t a good change. Just hearing some did entertaining things with my cheese wheel made it worth bringing out.

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