LARP War Journal: Eastern Shire Adventure


This past weekend was the Shire’s first campout, and they made it a great one. I loved that this was still able to happen despite the campout being moved a week back to due to rain the weekend before. It messed with a lot of people’s schedules to be able to make it there, but things still happened with the numbers we had. There was orcs, there was goblins(me), hobbits, dwarves, wizards, elves, and all manner of creature. They did not disappoint with the amount of fighting that we all got out of it either. The realm found themselves ensnared in a battle between a group of dragons and a strange forest spirit going by the name of Tom Bombadil.

Of all the campouts I have been to, this was the first one that really had a familiar theme to it. A LOTR themed campout was an awesome idea, which also had the great wyrm Smaug stirred in his slumber. This was an interesting weekend for me because it was the first one where off the bat I was already aligned with another country. I may have been the only one from my country to actually show up, but there was enough from the other to make something happen. The first night I would say was pretty chill. There was a mod running that would lead into the next day’s adventure, but the group I was with kind of skipped over it. Instantly regretted after, though the whole thing would have been an uphill fight for us anyways. That night was fun because most of us were looking to just get crazy. If there’s one thing we have picked up a reputation for, it is annoying the crap out of everyone with horns or whatever instruments we had on us. We did exactly that making our way through the forest and past most camps.

The next day was pretty funny when somehow we are all up pretty early as if we didn’t go through any of the madness we did the night before. Which isn’t a bad thing considering all the activity the adventure required for us later on. When things kicked off there was a lot of things to do. There were points to capture whether it was the castle, in the forest or at the edge of it. There were side quests to tackle as well that would take you from one point to the other. Plenty of NPCs to encounter along the way to either side with or fight against. My group started off with what was more possible for us, which was capturing a point. We played it smart by moving far off to the furthest to avoid being too close to other players. Only had one dicey encounter, but started off good enough. Made use of some creative spells to do some quests along the way, got some dragons to fight for us by waving gold in front of them, and had some success at taking over a castle which we didn’t think possible with our numbers.

I think we spent a good amount of our time holding the castle, even if the effort in holding it did cost us being able to capture points in other areas. Truthfully we did the best we could with the numbers we had. I was shocked that at a point we pulled off being able to split our group to hold the castle and do other things on the side outside of it. There was much more enjoyment at the end of the day to take from fighting for the castle. It’s not every day that you can fight on top of one and mock people above as they try to take it from you. The dragons breaking in was a great way to add some intensity as well. Gave them one hell of a chase when they tried to take the fight to me. Ultimately we took third place which caught me off guard. At a point we did think we were winning, but didn’t matter that we actually weren’t when the experience was worthy.

Saturday night as usual was the time for pit fights. I was glad for this one even though I should have waited till after to start drinking. Pit fights in general tend to be more enjoyable when the stick jocks aren’t there to run over everyone. Sure you can say “get good”, but that’s not the point. The point is in being able to fight different people and other people really having the opportunity to show what they can do when its not completely one-sided. I did daggers again and also beer n’sword. Won daggers and humorously lost beer n’sword. I only really failed myself this time around because I didn’t think at the time to bring my gold down to the castle for betting on fights. That tends to be half the fun as well as keeping fights lively.

In the end I would take that weekend again for how it turned out. Didn’t need a massive showing to still have people who wanted to be out there and have a good time. Saw some great role playing, there was more than enough fighting consistently, and above all the weather was great for it.

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