LARP War Journal: Fields Of Grief


I actually wasn’t too sure if this was an event that I was going to make this week. There was a bachelor party for a friend the night before, and anything tends to go during nights like that. Though it wasn’t just that which factored into whether I would make it or not. There was also the weather that was once again sketchy on a LARP weekend. If you recall, the last event it was pouring rain and slush. This time there was just snow and slush left from the night before.

I tried not to let that stop me, so I got myself out there ready to tough the field. It was just as expected with a layer of snow on top, which quickly turned into water and mud once the boots began trampling over the surface. The first time stepping on the field it took some adjustment. Not to mention the acceptance that I might end up actually slipping into that mess at least once. I was quite surprised that the attendance was good despite the conditions. The players from my game have pretty much proven that this point that it would take some serious stuff to keep them from coming out, even if they are just going to be out there swinging swords at each other.

This week’s adventure was called “Fields Of Grief”. At the core I would call this a capture point kind of game. They split us up into two big teams. Well technically three teams. One team is the “Groundskeepers”, while the other two teams are players. The Groundskeepers held the middle of the field which was marked off by a box. The objective was to slay the Groundskeepers and contest for that box. The fighting was fun. There was plenty of action whether you were sword fighting, shooting arrows, spellcasting, or resurrecting players. The big thing for the rounds we played of this was having at least one cleric on your side. There was a giant with the Groundskeepers, and unless you killed him you couldn’t use any recovery spells aside from resurrect. That meant you would be screwed unless you died and knew you could be brought back to life reset. Things definitely got tricky when you had a few players who took advantage of the ability to assassinate another player completely to remove them as a threat.

For me it was fun even if I wasn’t all too willing to get crazy with fireballing players. There’s nothing more painful than losing your spellballs in a puddle of water or mud. These things do not clean so easily, and the minute they get wet they are unusable. So I shot when I had to, though otherwise I tried to do the same as my friend and go hunting for clerics. The best thing you could do in this game was to take out anyone you knew was a key player. The ones who can kill the most of you, the ones who can bring players back, the ones that are simply distracting. It’s always fun when you are forced to think about the field like a chess game rather than just clashing and hoping for the best. I only suffered maybe one good shot. Though nearing the end of one round I could make a rush for the enemy cleric, and was instantly met with an arrow to the dick. I took the hit, let it sink in, and then dropped to the ground. Truthfully has been some time since I experienced a hit below the belt.

At the end of the day I did not regret coming out this time around. When you have dealt with pouring rain, its hard to care about a little mud in contrast to being soaked head to toe. Does that mean I care for a third week fighting in that kind of situation? Not at all, I look forward to more spring like weather where my feet can touch the ground without sinking into it.

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