LARP War Journal: Journey to The Underworld


It took some time, but here we finally are bracing for the great naval battle. I’m not going to lie that I was disappointed that this couldn’t happen the last event. Of course I understood, but it sucked because there wasn’t too much special about that day event aside from some good fighting through rezz battles. Well that and fighting on gravel which can be risky at times. That said, that was then and this is now. A big battle awaited and the start of a brand new war waged by the Goblins of Chosen Blood against the Northern Kingdoms.

Now, the great naval battle awaited, though I’m not sure it happened which let me down just a bit. What usually gets me excited for each event is that we’ll do big battles like these. With that said, I found myself thoroughly entertained today because of a number of other fun things which held my attention.

The highlight of my day were the land actions and war actions. Normally this is admittedly my least favorite part of any event, but this year it somehow has this new appeal to it. It may also be because my group changed things up to be Goblins. I think what may have been lost to me was the element of fun, and that is what I have been able to take out of each fight. I mean we had a consistent fight against the same country for weeks before finding a conclusion, we initiated attacks against the capital just for the sake of chaos. Then today we had the war with the Northern Kingdoms which somehow ended in us now juggling a war against them, No Quarter! and Legion Exsillium. I don’t think a single person didn’t love watching the fight against Northern Kingdoms, and as long as we are entertaining/mocking the realm at the same time it is all worth it. I do think we are making the right choice so far considering someone had to show everyone else that you can wage war and have fun with it.

What shook things up for me this event was journeying into the unknown through an Underworld mod. Before the event started I was asked to be some magical firepower for a country that rolled high enough to tackle this mod. Personally I thought this was just another average encounter, but it was much more. It has been a long while since running through a mod and I do wish there were more opportunities to do these because of how engaging they can be in comparison to just fighting objective based games. Not to mention this was one of those rare times where people would actually take advantage of the woods. Not enough people realize what a difference it can make when you change the scenery from a flat field to a wooded area where you have the ability to be tactical.

Where I entertained myself more was just again the shenanigans as a Goblin. A lot of the random crap I carry around in my bag does the trick enough where I catch players off guard for all the things I pull out of it that aren’t flags or spellballs. It somehow feels easier interacting with people when this character I’m roleplaying is drastically more engaging and approachable compared to my main character. I take some jokes, I dish them out, and I simply try to mess with anything that seems to be too orderly. No one complains and at this point I’m sure that they have either gotten used to it or look forward to it whether it is me or the other Goblins.

Not sure what the other event is going to be like, though I do hope that things can get a bit back on track with the scenario battles. That didn’t ruin this event, though surely enough it could have made what was already funny even more so. Truthfully I’m just glad my knee held up through it all because the repaired one had been giving me some trouble and you never know when one wrong step could mess things up all over again.

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