LARP War Journal: Mother Of Ice


Mother of Ice was a big step up from the last LARP event. The one before was fun, but this one had a little more story to it that made all the difference in winning, losing and in general taking the fighting seriously. Some times it’s not just about the battle scenario that makes the event fun, it’s the clear effort that goes into something that gets everyone involved. For me and my unit of majority Goblins it was a fun time for us to push our stance of not caring for what the light or the dark is fighting for.

The Realm has become a frozen wasteland. The war between the King of Men, Andrick Van Dahl, and the Shadow Queen Keira tore the City of Kings asunder, unleashing an ancient artifact- The Heart of Valdimar. This relic has made glaciers of the world’s oceans and brought freezing temperatures to every corner of the Realm. This freeze has emboldened an army of Frost Giants and awoke an ancient white dragon, The Mother of Ice. The Frost Giants have formed a fragile alliance with the Court of Shadow, owing greatly to their enmity with High King Andrick and his patron god Thor. The Dragon herself hates all the mortal races and has destroyed warring parties from most all nations of the Realm.

Role playing this time around was very fun. There was a lot of people at this event too and that created more opportunity to interact with people who weren’t all too prepared for Goblins. While our first priority is to make a mockery out of the realm, it still didn’t stop others from enjoying what we were doing. Of course a few of the others can do Goblins much better than me so a good amount of the time it was working off of the things they were saying and doing. Its progress for me fully nailing the role as it takes some balls to get into that kind of character who doesn’t have much filter or care for consequence. As a whole its makes it worth it each event when players do approach you to say that the Goblins make things fun for them. Sometimes that is just what you need to offset the seriousness.

Land actions again were delightful because it doesn’t feel like more of the same. Sure we’re still attacking the capital for the heck of it and killing peasants, but that can’t get old for Goblins. As for the same country we’ve been disputing with for some time now, this was the first time the fight didn’t happen and it was entertaining to watch as there was actually a call for diplomacy to put an end to the conflict(maybe).

When the time came for the battle scenario to begin, again it was fun because they added that extra option for those who simply wanted chaos all around. This was a rezz battle, though instead of the moral two teams there was three. In the middle of the field was a pot where you had to collect twelve coins in first before the other teams. And for those of us who side with chaos there was the added bonus of a dragon on our side as well. We were the band of rebellious rabble, castouts from both Royal courts who built a small army to take advantage of the Realm’s frozen state. This earned the favor of the Mother of Ice, who joins these Forces of Chaos to bring about the destruction of civilization. That was right up our alley as Goblins and luckily there were enough people who wanted to have some fun on the wild side as well. We did lose, but the fighting itself was fun. I think at times some people got a little too into the fighting to forget the objective, though at the same time if people are having fun then who cares. All of it left me winded beyond belief. It has been a while since I tested being able to flank and throw people off. I did take a hit below the belt during the madness of that tactic, yet it was worth it when people were quick to jump when they noticed me coming around.

At the end of the day I felt very satisfied with the event. LARPing may at the moment be my most legitimate source of exercise at the moment but it sure puts you on your butt when you get into it one-hundred percent. Good role play, battle, and interactions with people I’m glad are finding more time to come out to more events. Closer parks/locations seems to help a lot as well.

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