LARP War Journal: New Resolution For The New Year


It really feels like I have neglected to do this in quite some time, since the last update was for the Crownlands Corn Maze III event back in November. It goes without saying that everyone has their own level of commitment to LARPing whether it is seen as a hobby, game, or sport.Going into this new year it is that time for me to put some thought into what I want to get out of the experience this time around. Sometimes I feel as though I’m just coasting, and its time to find some true north.

The main thing that has been on my mind recently was my status as someone who is part of a country. This always has its perks, but also it fair share of burdens as well. Like if you’re someone like me then sometimes being a part of a group like this won’t change how you think you fit in. My LARP game is one that encourages you to be a part of some country or guild, but that never means that your experience will be elevated. For example, this past year my country was just barely present throughout the months. We were cutting it close most of the time making country (attendance), never had that many to do anything big or significant, and communication was scarce. I’m not saying I’m the most interactive of the group, but if no one speaks up to take charge then it just turns into anything goes. Which doesn’t bother me for the most part, though it puts your legitimacy into question. Let’s take the “meetings” so to speak for example. Sometimes they will have these, and it will be a more closed group thing, and then the next day you get hit with a wall of decisions made that you pretty much just shake your head to. I mean it’s not like you’re going to actually sit there and debate? Again you take all these things into account and it makes you wonder if being in a group is best for your game.

Now thinking as an independent mind, I have been taking into consideration what I would like to be like if I were on my own. With the way things were going, it never hurts to think ahead to have a kit of my own. Something that is me and just me. I guess you could just say an alt character if that’s easier. Truthfully just thinking about how that would turn out has been a fun adventure for me. There are many things you can do when you don’t have that restriction on uniformity. I’ve processed the thought of being able to fight with a quarterstaff, the idea of being more chaotic without the order, or maybe just to be able to freely interact without worrying about established history and rivalries.

My big resolution for the year is improving my kit. I’ve got most of the essentials down, though there are things that would make me look more complete that sometimes it is hard to set aside the funds to acquire. As a mage it never hurts to have more trinkets that make me look distinguished. Garb that holds more style and flare to them to stand out from the average joe. Maybe even some leather pieces that would add to the aesthetic appeal. It can get a bit tricky trying to find things that would add layers to your look without taking away from the role you play.

I know one goal in particular might be to finally attend a Renn Faire. Even if it is just once to go in as my character and engage with others more outside of the game. I’ve always told myself I would give it a go, but for some reason I always miss the opportunity. Though I will say it is better to miss it than to spend all your time and money there just to drink.

Beyond this, I suppose I would simply want to make sure that I’m not allowing anyone to interfere with the reason I took up LARPing and continue to use this as my outlet. Some will probably say that there is no drama in their game, but that is hard to believe. It exists everywhere you go and the important thing is how you respond to it. If it’s not your problem, then it shouldn’t be your problem. If the atmosphere is toxic in one corner of the game, then you move to the other corner of the game with those who are looking to have fun. My aim is to keep trucking with what works and keeps me invested. There is no one to blame at the end of the day but yourself if you can’t enjoy yourself because of someone else or some other force that should’nt have influence over you.

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