LARP War Journal: Permafrost


Definitely the weirdest name for an event we have had in quite some time. This week’s event is called Permafrost which deals with ice and all this craziness, but guess what? The weather today of all days is practically Spring-like. In fact a good portion of this month has been so far. Regardless this is another interesting event for us when the scenario gets once again creative working through the dark/light storyline.

The oceans of Darkon have frozen the realm over, locking ships in place and halting trade. Formerly dauntless sea vessels are now but icy tombs. Furthermore, the Heart of Valdimar left unchecked has caused frozen chills and arctic winds in every corner of the Realm.

Now for this adventure scenario I did have a side quest in mind, but it was a little too last-minute to put into motion. The plan was to do something to make the Goblins relevant to the storyline. Since the Goblins are for a better word defiant, I had figured it might work for both sides to recognize them as such. We would have the Goblins out and have each of them carrying a stick of dynamite. The quest would be to disarm each of them to keep them from either attacking the King or Shadow Queen. Those two during that battle would be the ones to initiate the quest. While I wish this could have happened they did say the next event could be centered around the Goblins acting as a third-party faction in open rebellion. I do look forward to the possibility of that happening.

Before the adventure scenario there is always the land actions. Elidor continued as usual to wage war against us, while we continued our assault against the capital city. The assault against the capital came first where we were victorious. Well for the most part because funny enough I came to accept that my face is a magnet for arrows.With that said, we won another boat from Tarimstadt which gives us three we stole from them. One being the King Puncher, second is the Orphan Drowner, the third I forget, and the new one is now called The Nan. I didn’t come up with the names for these, but I wish I did to take credit for how hilarious they are. Now the war against Elidor we unfortunately lost . They came rolling deep this time around and we were few too little to really put up a fight. Though that didn’t keep us from making it hard for them.

When it came time for the rezz battle to begin, I was happy considering these were the kinds of fights where I could actually make some sort of impact. Mainly because my magic protections gave enough players the edge needed to put up a fight against the other team. I actually feared that we were going to get whooped at first, but it was easy to figure out the best way to take advantage of the rues to the game. There are three hot spots in the middle of the field. After a certain amount of time passes a drum beats twelve times and you have to make it into those hot spots or freeze outside of it when the arctic wind comes through. Instant death if not unless you had the protections me and other had that would keep you alive for sixty seconds before you die. We used this wisely so that when the teams grouped in the hot spots it was easy to either fireball them grouped together or come at them from a better position. We ultimately won for this.

There’s only one other time that Darkon has fought at the park we did, but aside from the parking and the directions to get there for someone like me, it was a great location. Plenty of open space for fighting compared to the last time we were here. I think the bathrooms for most was a plus. Though like the last time this park had the appeal of the fact that we had a very interested audience. A lot of them just sat there watching, taking pictures, recording videos. A good number approached people at random just to inquire about what we were doing. Nothing joking about it either which is always appreciated. LARPing isn’t one of those things you can really judge unless you are actually there observing it yourself or experiencing the game/sport firsthand.

The fighting didn’t kick my butt like I thought it would, but the sun sure as hell did. I was thinking some Spring-like I mentioned above that the weather had been feeling like, but oh no. That day was as if we jumped straight into summer. Luckily my character doesn’t wear too many layers, but the mask sure did a number on its own.

Overall this was a fun day. I mean there were a lot of people who showed up to fight as well. Any boost in attendance in my book is great. Would if have been nice to have said that for my unit? Sure, but for now the Goblins make their presence known in a way that only they can.

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