LARP War Journal: Pre- Bellum Easter Battle!


Most people who know me know that I’m not that big of a holiday kind of guy. Its going to take more than Easter to really keep me from coming out to a LARP event. I mean the one last year on Easter was fun. A lot of people somehow still managed to show up and both the fighting and role play was worthwhile. While it was questionable if this year would be the same, still good times were had under the blazing sun.

This time I tried to shake things up a bit. The fun in being a Goblin is that you try to be spontaneous and unpredictable. I think I nailed two birds with one stone. Just the night before going out I thought to myself what would be ridiculous of a Goblin for a day like Easter. I came up with wearing a chicken hat. What better way to catch people off guard by not only wearing something so odd, but something that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing in this kind of weather. There was a white shirt to compliment it, though had to make a sacrifice with this heat.

The reaction was definitely what I was looking for, more than what I bargained for actually. At some point I was making my rounds joking with various people, but then these two who I don’t see very often pop up asking for my assistance. Instantly I was on my toes, especially when this led to a group of three other people as well. Truthfully they would have succeeded if it wasn’t for the fact that the girl who handles the bounty board wasn’t right there behind them. I wear glasses, so I couldn’t see that my name was on there, but I knew that if she was there it had to mean someone put a hit out on me. Instantly I jumped back into character and fled in a Goblin fashion. Came back to this girl soon after to see that there was indeed a hit out for the hat, and the person to turn this in would receive 10 gold. Mind you I was flattered even if this would leave me on my toes for a majority of the day. Luckily I did strike a deal with some Dark Legion pals to help ol’ Twinkullz watch his back. By the end of the day I told everyone the chicken hat shall stay till someone takes it from my cold scalp. We’ll see just how that goes because I’m not sure how the bounty board works though someone eventually will get brave enough to try to take it from me for the heck of it.

Me and the other Goblins did have our war actions even if it was two out of three. We made up for the third by attacking the capital once again. I kind of fudged that one up by setting off a fireball that killed everyone around me. Seven people including our own caught up in the explosion. Facing one country in particular was enjoyable because they really played into the Goblin shenanigans. They had these legit looking cabbages to throw at us and even had what looked like our long lost lobster friend Steven. The role play there was gold because of those efforts alone.

The battle scenario to follow was fun. Last year definitely did top it, though this was still fun for the chaos alone. I picked up an egg during the final round which unfortunately held a paralytic poison that stopped me right in my tracks. Bastards on my team didn’t even notice that I was frozen there till it was over.

Things concluded with a Senate that held this event for discussion of proposals. I try to sit on these whenever I can because when people are pushing for so many changes to the game, I’d like to make sure that there is proper representation for when they decide they want to turn their attention to the way spellcasters play their respective classes. God knows I’ve fought back when they do, but when you want to take things a step further you go where the “loud people” make their big speeches in person. Not going to lie I drifted off a few times. After all that fighting you can only follow so much talking.

The next stop is Bellum, and I’m just really looking forward to the first of the weekends for this year’s campout season. Nothing beats the weekends where you can put everything on pause to hang out with good friends and adventure.

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