LARP War Journal: Pressing The Line


This was a fun event given that things didn’t go as planned. This Sunday was supposed to be “Sea of Swords” following the events of the past scenario where the seas of Tarimstadt have been unfrozen. Meaning this was a time where everyone takes up arms to reclaim the seas. It would have been very fun for us Goblins because our character story includes many boats which we stole from the capital and adding more to the fleet wouldn’t have hurt. This didn’t happen as it snowed, it rained, snowed just a little the night before, and left the fields too muddy to go through with the great naval battle.

Instead what we did was a series of rezz battles. This was the one battle we agreed upon that we would default until the weather was more stable. This was also a good idea as the attendance for this particular event wasn’t as high as others. I would rather a battle scenario as they were planing for Sea of Swords done when the fields are more accommodating and there are enough to get the most out of the action. Regardless this was still a fun day. Had about three of our Goblins out including me. The good thing about being a Goblin is that even three can be enough to stir trouble for the realm and make a mockery out of them. From the looks of it most players are rolling with what we do. It makes it easier to do and say the things we want without much limitation or consequence. I mean we already pushed into our next war with another country. I’m not so sure about this one given their size in comparison to us, particularly when it comes to our attendance rate compared to theirs. With that said, it can still be fun. The best thing that we can do currently is make fighting us as painful as can be both mentally and physically.

I think the most fun I got out of this day was the fact that I was surprisingly more interested in the combat than the spellcasting. What helps me stand out is that fighting isn’t as direct for me as it is for others. Sure I have a shield, a dagger and a sword, but it doesn’t mean I’m the best at going head-to-head. I had more fun and it seemed others did too when it came to the way I tried to think outside the box. Flanking, throwing joke items, making use of the free hits I can take before I die. If at the end of the fight I was able to try something new then it was worth it.

Considering the fact that we couldn’t fight on the field, I was shocked by the way people actually hurt themselves. It was the simple things between people getting hit the wrong way or pulling something. Much better than the worst case scenario of someone falling or being knocked onto the gravel. Not going to lie there were a few times when I had to just call myself dead on the spot because of the moments where I suddenly felt my grip on the ground slipping. Which says a lot because I was in fact wearing boots this time around. This was to be prepared for the mud rather than the hard ground.

At the end of the day it would have been fun to have the naval battles, but for what it is this event was as good as it gets. Gonna feel the fighting in the morning and that is the best feeling to take from an event where it is all about the intensity of the battle. Truthfully it is the events where there are smaller attendance where you can see the ones who are really in it to get the best out of the experience.

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