LARP War Journal: The Braved Bridge Battle


This was an interesting event for me because things didn’t quite go how I would have imagined. I was looking forward to it, got a lot of things prepped for the adventure as well, including the mask that would help bring together my zealot look. I was paying attention to the weather for that Sunday, though I also was not quite fully processing what it meant for their to be rain, frozen rain, snow, and sleet either. not the best combination to wake up to and it almost pushed me to altogether skip this one.

Luckily I had someone reliable who could give me a ride there, as I’m never too keen on trekking through that madness myself. Getting to the field, it was shocking to see how many people still managed to get out there despite the weather. Especially since this was neither an even where there was going to be the planned battle scenario, or land actions. Most looked like they wanted to just come out and fight regardless. At that point it was pretty much just raining, yet still cold enough to punish those who made it out there without gloves. The main question at that time was also where we would fight. Two of the areas we could have used were too muddy, and the other one had too many sticks poking up out of the ground. Luckily there was a clearing open enough to pull off a bridge battle.

Those who came out there to fight did not disappoint. It was not the time for people to go wild, so there was a little more patience put into how everyone approach each other. Didn’t stop those like Ched from charging the line, though that was to make up for distance when they were being pushed back. It was also a surprisingly balanced battle. The big problem that you may face is that one side may have more fighters or too many who are better. However, the tide of the fight was constantly changing as one team would push and the other would push back harder. As far as fighting went, I think I did well enough even though the main obstacle I faced was the numerous long-ranged weapons. Spears and greatswords were me enemy. Greatswords more because all it took was trying to attack one person for someone to jab me right in the gut or chest. That can really take the wind out of you and I admittedly was still in recovery made from an earlier cold.

Fighting out there took some adjusting to. The minute I stepped out of the car it was instantly freezing, so it was hard enough just getting all my gear on. Not to mention my garb for my character isn’t exactly thick for these conditions. I have big robes and what not, though I’m also trying not to use the same things other characters of mine would. When the fighting began, the first thing I did feel was the numbness of my hands take over, even with the gloves. That filled me with dread when taking some effort to swing hard. At a point my feet definitely did feel the cold too, despite wearing two pairs of socks over each foot. My mask was nice for keeping my face and head warm, though because I have lenses in the eye piece, just as quickly my vision was becoming blurred consistently. Literally the most chilling experience was when I engaged someone in a fight only to lose my footing and slip in the mud. Imagine all that water seeping through your pants and everywhere else. Not the most pleasant sensation, though that was what we all signed up for stepping out there.

There will always be a part of me that will despise myself whenever going out to an event during those conditions, but it wasn’t regrettable when all is said and done. It’s not the first time an event went on and it was raining. There was one last year where it was pouring and there were still many who jumped onto the field to still fight. That is usually when you will run into those who are looking for the thrill.

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