LARP War Journal: The Laconian Games


This year so far has been challenging. The weather just can’t make up its mind, and once again I was on the fence on if I wanted to make the trip out there for some action. As some of you may know or experience, the east coast was hit by one of the biggest storms we’ve seen in some time now. The power outages and environmental damage was pretty ridiculous. So of course on a Sunday that me and others could only hope would be warm, was chilly since the weather was still blowing over.

I would say it has been twice now that there has been a Laconian Games. I’m sure this is something they probably did in the past, years ago, though for me this would be the second time participating. Last year I recall doing the boxing category, Pillars of Tharros (Fighting on collapsing platforms), Javelin Toss, and the wrestling which I failed horribly at. This year because of situations explained above, I only really had the motivation to do the Pillars of Tharros. It was a rare time that I put more time into simply fighting than anything else. That’s not to say that I really had the energy to do much of that either. Lack of sleep on top of the chill did not help my stamina one bit. At a point it felt more as though I was there just to be able to see some familiar faces and escape the dread that was a home without electricity, heat, or internet.

Getting back to the Laconian Games, I surprisingly didn’t make it far this time around. I remember the last time lasting a bit longer, but this time I was caught off guard by one troublesome spear. Those things can be a real pain in the butt when your ability to move is limited to squares. After that it was mostly just spectating the rest of the events. The first one was the armored race, which is just as it sounds. You wear your full armor, and you have to race from point a to point b while there’s a bunch of people on the sidelines trying to take you out of the race through glaive shots, spear stabs, missile spells, arrows and ballistas. It was entertaining because some of the truly struggled to get past the first wave of obstacles. One player even didn’t make it past the start line before getting ganked in the back. The javelin toss wasn’t as eventful as it was last year, but it was still something as most of these players were fighting against the winds to hit the targets. The last which I observed was the wrestling which I was impressed by since I wouldn’t think anyone would be ready for that level of physical engagement in this weather. Some of them were bold enough to jump into the ring with no shirt on either. It was pretty crazy to see some of the bigger guys go at it. The kind of control they have over their weight and balance was something to be admired.

Short post this time around, but it has been a crazy week so far trying to catch up on everything that I have been behind on. If this was any other weekend, I would have definitely tried to do more, but I was fine with what I was able to witness. Truthfully the day was also a wake-up call that I can’t quite let the weather keep me from getting back into proper fighting shape. It’s always easier said than done, but that is the best way I can see myself being able to do more in future events.

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