LARP War Journal: The Trouble With Trolls


So far I have to say this Sunday’s event, The Trouble With Trolls, has to be my favorite. For all the pain I felt after the fighting finished, it was nothing compared to the fun I had throughout the day. Up to this point there has been this thing where when I decide to go Goblin most of my countrymen are a no-show so for this event I was glad this was not the case. Would have been cooler having five Goblins in action, but four did the trick.

There was some seriously memorable things to take from The Trouble With Trolls for me. First there was the way the game consistently reacted to the Goblin shenanigans. We always had something to say and someone to mock which most players enjoyed. Even some who come across saying they were looking forward to running into us. Killenz in particular generates the best reaction because his Goblin character has a longer history and thus he finds it easier to stay in character even having conversations that are OOC. Second was the way this event reignited the vendetta I used to have with most archers. Oh boy, sometimes its as if they have a sensor for when I dig my hand into my pouch for a fireball. Getting hit isn’t bad, but the dodging gets a little crazy when most that I dodge tend to magically point at my head. They’ve somehow managed to kick off Twinkullz’ hit-list. Third was the fact that I finally got someone with a joke spellball. My fellow Goblins were at risk of death and I did the only thing I could do in a pinch. I called a bluff. Walked in-between them and acted as if I had a fireball cast with my hand deep in my bag. They actually took steps back, but when I realized they would still attack I threw what was actually a sponge which I call cheese. The laughter alone after made the move worth it.

When it came time for the Kick The Can game to begin, this was a tricky situation. We didn’t have the numbers and not even a country banner for a rezz point. This battle was all countries for themselves lined up in a circle and fighting to bring the can in the middle to their banner. Fortunately we found the right company with Orcs who could see the same objective. That being if we can’t win, make it harder for the stronger team to prevail. Safe to say this worked at first, but the true struggle was getting everyone else to see that this was the way to go rather than all tangle up in a shitshow. Getting them all on the same page was what ultimately lost this for everyone but that one strong team we were trying to mess with. It almost worked, and we even scored a couple of goals ourselves.

The overall objective of the game scenario was that the Heart of Valdimar, was upset from its vault in the chaos. The Heart is a source of unrelenting cold. Trolls from the Underdark received a great boon from the artifact and thus were completely immune to fire in its presence! So empowered, the Trolls threaten all of The Realm.

I would say the only disappointment here was that this time we were one major NPC down and I feel like we lose the charisma this story is supposed to generate when she isn’t there to stir up trouble as the Shadow Queen. The Kick The Can game did like the event before make up for the lack of NPC involvement in the storyline, but that can only be the crutch for so long before the players will start to need more engagement to keep them invested longterm.

What none of us Goblins were expecting was that someone would actually play into our shenanigans. Since a campout adventure last year we had this stuffed lobster we called Stephen. He went missing and we have made it a running gag that we’re looking for him. Enough so that the realm wouldn’t get any beer from us until he was found. So it was funny when we received a proper letter from Dark Legion which pushed the idea that there was a lead to where Stephen actually is. Apparently they found Stephen’s cousin Jeffery who they sent with the letter. We’re still figuring out what to do with Jeffery.

While bummed out that the next event will be a further than usual, it’s still one I would look forward to if the momentum can continue to pick up from here. No one really exaggerates when they say that the game is what you make of it. Going Goblin so far has been the best decision me and the guys I fight with made to shake things up.

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